The one thing that determines whether or not a gentleman will book or not book a companion boils down to many factors, but one of the biggest factors is: TRUST.   Can I trust this lady to look like her pictures, not be a cop, be who she says she is, etc.

So here is my guarantee to all of you that may be on the fence about seeing me or still don’t trust me for some reason. When you come to my incall location please leave the donation on my coffee table.  I will not touch it for the first 10 mins and if for any reason you feel I do not look like my pictures or videos or if you are not happy with me for any reason.  You may take your donation and leave – no questions asked.  I want to point out that this ONLY applies to incall and NOT outcall situations.  With outcalls there is a significant amount of time and money involved in coming to you. At least if you come to me and change your mind, it is you driving back home and not me. 

I am willing to talk to you on skype or a phone call prior to meeting if it would make you feel more comfortable.  Now I want to make it clear that I am ONLY chatting on skype if there is a refundable deposit of $200 paid to me (meaning the $200 would be credited toward your donation), you have been verified and we have a set date.  I am not just going to be on skype talking to tons of guys who want to chat with me – there are not enough hours in the day lol. 

I am very confident you will meet in person who I say I am on my website and my pictures and videos are recent. In my videos I show my face, talk and interact with the camera.  You cannot photo shop videos.  Even my highly rated 10 10 reviews on TER also guarantee I look like my pictures and that I am in shape and work out.  However, I do realize that many of you are not members and therefore cannot read the reviews and so that is why I am putting this guarantee on my website.  

I have seen quite a few gentleman who have had bad experiences with providers not looking like their pics or the reviews are fake.  I just had a dinner date with a man and he said he once met with several providers where all of their reviews were amazing and they had high ratings and all the men claimed they looked like their pics, etc.  Yet when he met all 3 of them they either did NOT look at all like their pictures or were not friendly as the reviews suggested.  

So I don’t know who is writing some of these reviews.  I do know I have 3 fake reviews on one popular site I am on – the latest is from a guy who claims I could not deepthroat or mouthfuck his long thick dick.   I have never seen a guy with a long thick dick.  Most guys are either long and skinny or short and thick, but it is rare to be long and thick. Plus DT, mouthfucking and giving slow sensual head are my signature moves so I knew right away this was a fake review.  Btw in case you are wondering why I have not had the fake reviews removed. That is much easier said than done!  It is hard to get reviews removed and so the only thing you can do is to get loads of good reviews piled on top the crappy one and be done with it.  Men should NOT be writing fake reviews in the first place and then I would have nothing to remove – period the end!

I have heard some guys on this site write fake reviews to get free membership.  Case in point, I actually had a date with a man who told me he writes fake reviews to get free membership. He said he would join, but does not want to give out his credit card info or use paypal.  I do understand, but the problem with writing fake reviews is that not only are you giving credit to a lady who you NEVER saw, but you are also putting men in danger.  When you write a fake review you are saying to all the other men out there that read your review that this lady is safe and good to go and that may not be the case.  I mean she could be a nut case or she may not look like her pics, etc.  So please do NOT write a fake review.  If you saw the lady, then yes write a review – but if you never saw her or your friend saw her then please do NOT write a review and possibly put men in danger and/or give credit to where credit is not due.

I was talking to an escort friend of mine the other day and she told me her escort friend went on a well known site and has registered as a hobbyist and talks herself up in the threads, writes reviews for herself and others and talks to other hobbyists lol.

Anyway gentleman my point is reviews and what you read on any site about any provider can be altered, fake, ghostwritten, coerced, manipulated, etc to the point where you are not getting the truth and I hate lies or people who lie!  I like truthfulness in advertising and so I am doing what many big companies should do (and some of them do it) and backing up what I am showing and saying with a guarantee – so now you have no more excuses to come see me!


  • Dan

    November 29, 2015

    I love the guarantee you provide to clients. It is so rare these days. Of course, I cannot imagine anyone would need to take you up on it as you are stellar in every way!

    • stephaniaricci

      November 29, 2015

      thank you dan! I agree it is rare and it is unheard of in the escort world to offer a guarantee. I feel it is necessary to make guys feel comfortable about seeing me. What you see is what you are getting.

  • Colin

    December 7, 2015

    Thanks very much for sharing your viewpoint about trust Stephania! To me, that plus honesty and integrity are the most important things that you have, and if they’re compromised, that’s asking for big trouble. Look forward to reading more of your posts–thanks again!

    • stephaniaricci

      December 7, 2015

      thanks colin! Most escorts don’t have this trust guarantee and they should since trust is a big issue for most men searching for a companion. There are so many fakes out there which can be disheartening when you drive loads of miles to a ladies incall or she comes to you – only to be disappointed. I love writing and sharing my thoughts so there will be more posts coming lol

  • tony

    May 23, 2016

    Im sure that nobody has left with there $ in there hands. But, it’s a good thing to have just in case.

    • stephaniaricci

      June 1, 2016

      Noone has which is good and yes it is just added security since most escorts do not have this guarantee and there is a lot of bait and switch in this business. I have even had guys tell me they have seen great reviews claiming the woman looked like her pics and yet when he meets her she does not look like her pics 🙂