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It’s been a long, hard day at the office and you are dying for some lascivious affection. The last time we met was ecstasy off the charts, an experience that blew your mind and you are ready for more. I barely open the door and already we are in each other’s arms with urgent needs that demand immediate attention.

You are a well-heeled gentleman by day with insatiable cravings for an intensely erotic woman by night (this is our little secret, of course!). You’ve never met someone quite like me before, a consummate lady turns naughty vixen in a snap. Animalistic desire turns us on and I regularly dazzle your manhood in every conceivable way. You are pretty much addicted to my feminine talents, something that amazes you since you’ve never met anyone quite like me. I am incredibly gifted at gratification and that’s putting it lightly. I have zero inhibitions and you can barely keep up with me but in a totally adventurous way.

What’s more, our conversation before, during and after those extremely erotic moments is delightfully fulfilling. You can’t get over how gorgeous I am, how impressively fit my body is. In my mid thirties, with a figure like that of fitness model I am petite, the kind of woman who can straddle you while you carry me from room to room as we have our way with each other.

I am not a lover to be taken lightly. Always in a slight state of disbelief, you marvel at my intelligence, wit and charm. How is it that one woman can embody every last quality that you ever dreamed of? And then, we’re at it again.

Somewhere deep down inside are kinky, carnal instincts that are dying to come out. What you like about me is that I have no inhibitions and welcome your curiosity with open arms. Maybe it is a secret fetish, or a wild interlude that needs a little coaxing. Of course, these types of interactions require a lot of trust which is why you and I enjoy an established relationship before we explore any type of fantasy.

You appreciate that intimately romantic side about me and regularly pinch yourself to see if our liaison is for real. I’m pretty sure you are aroused by now. Perhaps it is a good time to visit that other wonderful side of my personality so that we can then explore your intensely erotic side. Shall we?

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