I love massages and get them all the time. I also love the porn series “Massage Room” on You Porn. (I put a link for you at the bottom of this story) It is very sensual and erotic. I esp love all the oils they use. Here is a little story I wrote for you last night after I watched a couple of episodes.

I answer the door and invite you inside and greet you with a deep french kiss. I am dressed only in a black silk robe and sexy g-string panties. We sit on my couch to have a drink and chat about our day.  Instinctively your hands find my neck and you start to give me a nice slow massage while I am talking.  You run your hands up and down the length of my tense neck while I tell you more about my day.  You listen intently but you also want to relieve my stress so you start lengthening the muscles along the back of my neck while sharing your recent travels with me.Your hands on my skin feel warm and strong.  I close my eyes and lose myself in the feeling of relaxation.

Sensing I am enjoying your hands on me more and more you tell me to lie down on the couch so you can really help me.  With a wicked grin, I slide on to my stomach. But not without a deliberate back arch so that my breasts touch the couch first and you can see the cheeks of my sexy ass just peak out from my robe.  Yet, you respectfully sit by my side and start to work your way again from my neck down to my shoulders.  You slowly kneed my muscles and hear me transition from telling you how my day was to telling you how good your hands feel on me.  You whisper in my ear how much you enjoy pampering me.  You work your way down my back and then move to my feet.  You give each of my toes a pull to straighten their alignment and then focus your thumbs on the arches of my feet. They have been in heels all day and deserve some attention. 🙂  

After my feet have been sufficiently attended to, you work up to my calves.  You take both your hands and twist in opposite directions on my calves to release them.  You start to work your hands and forearms up the back of my rock hard thighs all the way up to the bottom of my sexy tight ass with firm strokes.  But on the way down each stroke to start over you make sure to graze my inner thighs with your fingers.  The difference between your hands firmly working the muscles on the back of my thighs against the light grazes of your fingertips across my inner thighs causes me to gently moan your name in approval.

You start to think of other ways you can really relax me. You replace the tips of your fingers with your lips and start to kiss the soft skin between my thighs.  You take your tongue and trace small circles up my thigh as you spread my legs apart slightly so you can make your way up higher and higher.  You start to slowly kiss all the way up my inner thigh and you can feel me start to quiver the closer you get to my sweet pussy.  The only thing that separates your sweet lips from my tongue is only a thin g-string.  You start to kiss the outline of my pussy through my g-string and your face touches my beautiful ass.  

You can feel me lift my stomach off the couch a bit giving you better access.  You start to trace the outline of my pussy with your tongue and you can feel the pressure through the thin fabric.  You can almost taste me.  Taking both of your hands, you spread my tight ass apart while kissing my perfect pussy.  All of this slow foreplay and our sexy chats the day before are doing the trick and you start to taste my wetness through my g-string.  You take your thumbs and loop them into the straps off my skin. Without missing a beat I lift my hips up a bit higher and allow you to slide my panties off.  The visual is incredible and you can’t wait to taste me.

You take your wet tongue and just tease my pussy lips and the feeling of skin on skin causes me to reach back and grab your head. You take your time with me.  Those long luscious strokes of your tongue across my pussy are driving me wild. You make sure to avoid my clit until I am absolutely aching for you.  You start to kiss my pussy lips sensually while your hands run across the small of my back. My hand starts to grab the back of your head and pulls your tongue closer and you start to tongue fuck me nice and slow.  

I pull your head in tighter and tighter as your tongue enters me.  Your hands start to grab my ass again spreading me open as you take a step back only long enough to tell me how amazing I taste.  You then focus your attention and your tongue on my clit. You start to flick your tongue over my clit and you can sense my body start to tighten.  My hand starts to grab your head tighter as I start to tell you how good it feels.  You alternate between light flicks of your tongue and deeper and longer strokes across my clit while stimulating my g-spot.  I lift my hips higher and I tell you that I want you to make me cum.

With one hand on my ass you reach your other hand under my thigh and you flip me over so I am on my back and you are between my legs.  You place your lips around my clit and start to suck on my clit, in and out of your mouth. I reach both hands down and start to pull the back of your head closer and closer to my sweet pussy.  Your hands are under my ass, grabbing them firmly as you feel my pussy getting tighter and tighter.  You can feel my breathing changing and my hips starting to buck against your tongue.  You slowly increase the speed of your tongue making sure to take your cues from me and make sure to stroke your tongue back and forth against my clit while your lips are wrapped around my pussy.  

The feeling of your mouth sucking on my clit and your tongue stroking my clit over and over again sends me over the edge and you feel the first wave my orgasm crash over you.  Just as I tell you that you are making me cum, I lift myself up and you thrust the hard shaft of your cock deep into me.  I gasp at the feeling of you pumping your cock into me as you then replace your tongue with your wet finger so that my second and third waves of orgasm are enjoyed by the feeling of your cock pumping in and out of me and your wet finger sliding over my clit…  Let’s continue this story in person shall we?

Here is a link to one of my favorite massage porns – watch it and then let’s set something up and have some massage excitement of our own! I love the part when she is rubbing his oiled cock all over her luscious boobs