I have a vitamix and I love to drink at least 3 green drinks a day loaded with lots of veggies. Here is what I put in my green drink everyday 



Here is a video on how I make bone broth. I started drinking it because a few years ago I was getting very minor pains in my knees. I did some research and discovered 2 things I need to start incorporating into my routine: Bone broth and a foam roller. I found out if your IT band (this is the long band that runs along the outside of your upper thigh) is tight it can lead to knee, back and hip pain. Bone broth is full of glucosamine, chondroitin, collagen and loads of other benefits which your joints and ligaments need to be healthy. Since I now drink 2 cups a day and roll out I don’t have anymore issues and my knees are very strong and have no pain. Bone broth tastes like chicken noodle soup and since it is Nov and cold out, it is very soothing and warm. I always have a cup when I get up in the morning and right before I go to bed.  

Please feel free to ask any questions below in the comment section and I will be happy to respond. Btw all my blog posts have open comments so you may post comments or ask me a question at any time and I will respond back in that comment section.

Next year my goal is to have a you tube vblog where I will be discussing health, fitness, nutrition and other things. I doubt however that I will discuss the escort business since I want to keep the subject about anti-aging and fitness. 



Btw: I think because of my healthy diet and the fact I don’t drink that much, smoke (not even weed) or do drugs.  My hair is very soft (curly hair is notorious for being dry), my skin is soft and supple, I have no cellulite and even my elbows are very soft.  You can put all the lotion on in the world but hydration is an inside job and esp in the winter time. 


Here is a link to more info on bone broth http://draxe.com/the-healing-power-of-bone-broth-for-digestion-arthritis-and-cellulite/

Here is a picture of the bone broth protein powder I drink everyday. I love putting a banana and a scoop of almond nut butter into it and it tastes rich and creamy!




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