If you have been able to puruse my site, I am sure you have noticed my deepthroating video. One thing I love doing is deepthroating and licking (and many times swallowing balls) at the same time. Because I can breathe thru my mouth I can stay down with my lips resting on the guys stomach and endlessly lick the balls. I also invented this new oral technique I call “The Jackhammer.” I developed this a couple of years ago because a guy I had spent 1/2 hr giving head to and deepthroating/licking balls could not cum. By the way if you would like to see these DT videos I do have a new paid subscription site Yes my name is different on that site because I am in two different careers right now

Out of frustration my hard work was going no where, I started mouthfucking him while he was laying on the bed and going super super fast (like a jackhammer) for a few moments while his cock kept repeatedly sliding down my throat. He then grabbed the bed sheets and exclaimed, “omg omg this is so fucking intense.” When a copious amount of saliva formed, I then unleashed it all over his cock and started stroking his wet slippery cock up and down while sucking and licking on the head and talking dirty to him. Just a few minutes later he had a massive orgasm to the point where he was convulsing to some degree. I was very pleased with myself.

I would like to point out. Please do not try to get your SO or another provider to do this to you unless she is VERY advanced at oral and has complete control over her gag reflex or she will throw up. In this move the cock is repeatedly going down the throat and hits the gag reflex super fast and very few women can do this without throwing up or profusely gagging on the cock.  She also needs to be able to breathe thru her mouth and not choke on the copious amount of saliva forming. 

I decided to get really good at giving head because eventually I want to get married and I know that the way to a man’s heart is to not only give head, but to give some damn good head! I also got really bored at doing regular head and cannot do it. I love to deepthroat. Btw, I do not do covered blowjobs. I tried doing them recently and discovered 2 things. First of all the condom in many cases does not fit all the way down the shaft and so my mouth and throat were still coming into contact with bare shaft. Secondly and this is super important for what I do. The reservoir tip constantly tickled my cough (not gag) reflex and I found myself coughing all over the guys dick. Not good! So I gave up after 4 guys and decided that uncovered is best for me.

I have never gotten an oral std from doing uncovered and also I am NOT seeing 3 guys a day. Yes, of course there is a risk, but it is low compared to bareback sex which I never do. I am also very low volume and I see 2-3 guys a week and so my risk is even lower. When I was doing friends with benefits I saw wayyyy more guys per week than I do as an escort! Also in the over two years I have been in this business I have not once had any guy ask for a condom when giving head so it seems like a lot of guys really prefer getting head this way versus having covered head and I don’t know of too many providers that give covered head. Most all do uncovered head.

I get frequently tested for STDs and 2 weeks ago I had a complete blood cell count done which shows no active infection. A few of my past clients have recently gotten tested and they had nothing come up so clearly if I were giving them something then they would be showing it. I am just saying this to show all of you that I do take safety measures for my health. I workout 6 days a week at the gym and I cannot afford to come down with illnesses because it would keep me out of the gym so I also take immune strengthening things like mushrooms, chlorella Etc. I eat tons of greens everyday and my health is in excellent condition. I am now leg pressing 500 lb. You should feel how tight my butt cheeks and my legs are.

Nothing is more fun than deepthroating/licking balls, building up the intensity and then while stroking the guys cock telling how bad I want his cum in my mouth until he explodes. That is the other problem with condoms is that a guy can’t cum in my mouth and that kind of ruins all the fun!

Btw with that being said, deepthroat, cum in mouth and mouthfucking is traditionally not GFE but it is PSE. The problem however is that I cannot give regular head because it is too boring for me and I prefer deepthroating and doing all the little tricks that I do. Many guys who book dates with me are not booking because of the deepthroating, they love the overall package. These dates are not about deepthroating or even sex, but about connecting, intimacy and sharing. They can also include talking, sharing wine, food, etc. That is what the GFE experience is all about.  I’m also going to be writing a new blog post about the difference between GFE and PSE

Today I saw a guy who was very thick (around 6″) and he has had ladies deepthroat and lick his balls but no one has been able to stay down there breathing thru their mouth and licking his balls, so his pleasure was intensified threefold. He was so happy he gave me an extra $400 (btw tips or gifts are not necessary but I truly do appreciate them a lot!) This made me very happy to not only have extra money but I also felt appreciated since he loved the head so much! He was also very expressive during the head, telling me how amazing I am and how much he was enjoying it. Btw, the feedback does keep me going compared to someone just laying there saying nothing lol.

Now what is interesting is he told me that when I deepthroated him he noticed that when I would pull his cock out of my throat the saliva was much thicker than if it just came out of my mouth. I have never had anyone observe that and I had no idea the saliva was different from mouth to the throat, but I guess it is!

Okay I have just been sitting on my bed thinking about this LOL and I think I know why the saliva is thicker. I think because I am spending so much time licking the balls with the guy’s cock down my throat and breathing through my mouth that the saliva has a chance to coagulate and get thicker. 

He also told me to check out Bobbi Bliss deepthroat (although when I watched this video I really wanted to Jackhammer that guys cock lol but I love all the saliva and I loooove a wet sloppy blowjob. This is one of the reasons why I prefer shaved balls and dick area because I like to run my tongue all over the area and get it all wet and slippery with lots and lots of saliva). Here is the link

Well this is very interesting because one of my clients just told me he has actually been deep-throated by Bobbi Bliss and he is going to be coming over to see me so this should be very exciting to compare techniques.


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