Please note: before you contact me, I am located in Pleasanton for incalls and NOT in San Francisco or San Jose. I can come to you for outcall and please see my rates for my fees.

The erotic review for many of you was a go to source for verification and now that the US part is gone. I am sure many of you are wondering how you can find a safe companion for a date. I totally understand because we ladies also worry we will book a dangerous gent and like to verify you.

The other day I was trying to verify whether or not a lady was legit since a client was using her as a reference and he told me she is only on instagram. I thought that was odd because most women I know are on Twitter. I was wondering how on earth she finds business since Twitter is way better for finding clients than Instagram. 

This lady was hard to verify to be honest and I had to go with my gut feeling in the end and so will you. Many ladies are going incognito and getting rid of their websites and just being on Eros, slixa, p411 (although p411 just announced that as of Jan 2019 they will no longer host ads or allow searches! Sorry gents yet another one bites the dust and Eros no longer allows website links) and the sparse few other crappy sites out there. I am only on private delights and p411.

Here is a quick guide on some of the new ways to make sure the companion you want to see is not a cop and/or is safe to see.

You see a companion on an ad site that interests you.

  1. First, go to her website (if she has one and most all high end ladies like myself will have one) and get to know her better. Spend time perusing the ENTIRE website and not just her pics lol. Check out her blogs if she has them. Look for little hidden gems that make her stand apart from the others such as I have a trust guarantee and a recorded interview. Get on her email list if she has one like I do. Read, read, study and listen to your gut and not just your dick. Seriously, what does your brain and heart say?
  2. Google her name. Like for instance if you google my name, you will discover a tiny amount of sites I am on. The list unfortunately keeps dwindling as sites shut down. Fyi: some of you have wondered why I am no longer on Eros. I left it several months ago for many reasons. Their ads were getting to be too expensive, there were crappy guys contacting me. Since backpage is gone all of these guys are going to Eros. They have also been banning loads of girls right and left (many have been with them for years and were high-end) and they will keep their money as well!! The final straw was they wanted a copy of my license or passport and that is when I said no way. Homeland Sec invaded their NC office last year in Nov and since then non-US based ladies that have tried to come to the US have been turned away and so obviously HS has hacked into Eros system and is extracting the info and turning it over to border patrol and other gov’t agencies so no thanks!
  3. If I were you gents I would be uber careful not only on what sites you are going to, but absolutely do NOT talk about anything sexual in any email, text or phone call. (I will write a blog about this) I would stay off Eros if I were you or use extra caution as it could be getting monitored by HS. Already in florida there is a new technology that is quite scary and here is a link to an article that was floating around twitter. Expect this to eventually wind up on lots more ad sites. https://www.wfla.com/news/local-news/pasco-sheriff-using-new-technology-to-battle-sex-trafficking/1291484033
  4. Look her up on Twitter and instagram (please note that I am on Twitter under my video name as @alexiajewel88 and instagram as alexiajewel88. Although I don’t post that much on instagram like I do on Twitter) and not as Stephania Ricci, I used to be on there as Stephania but then decided for various reasons to change my name since I have over 8,000 followers and it just seemed like too much work to have a separate account. Social media is a lot of work. Not only is this reassurance to all of you that your companion is not a cop (I really can’t imagine that a female cop would go to the trouble to have a social media and add to it everyday. Also, there is no way she would have a deepthroat video on her website lol. I am probably pushing my luck, but hey you only live once and that video is for entertainment and I am not taking it down because it is fun!) , but this will also help you to see her personality more in-depth and to connect with her. There are also other SM you can look at like facebook (although facebook hates adult entertainers), tumbler, reddit and I am sure there are others but these are the main ones
  5. See if she is a member of p411 (but you can only do this if you are a member). It would be quite odd for an undercover lady cop to be on p411. I mean there have been undercover men cops for ladies but I have not heard of a lady posing as a cop on that site to be honest.
  6. Do you want to guarantee she is NOT a cop? If she is NOT verifying you somehow, she may or may not be a cop. The reason I say may or may not, is because there are some women due to the new laws that are desperate to make rent so they are taking risks and doing unprotected sex and/or not verifying. This puts them and you at risk unfortunately for std’s as well as possible police stings. You will have to go with your gut. I have never heard of a police sting asking for verification or deposits. They have backup in the other room with guns! Why do they need to make sure you are safe? They don’t and that is why they don’t ask for ID or verification.  Btw, due to the the high amount of no calls, no shows, many ladies now are requiring deposits to visit them. Sorry but some of you are becoming dicks and as such wayyyy more women now require a deposit in addition to verification to see them.
  7. Last but not least, if you are afraid of catfishing, then be sure to check out a ladies only fans site because most ladies like myself have one and we post selfies and other content that cannot be photoshopped, etc.


Do NOT go to the Erotic Monkey. There are reviews on there but they are all fake and stolen ads! That is not a legitimate site to verify anyone. As a matter of fact, if you contact a lady and mention that you saw her on that site she will be more leary of you as a time waster, etc.  I believe there are review sites in Canada for Canadian women ONLY as well as overseas for overseas women ONLY but that is it. In the USA the reviews are gone and I am glad. I mean seriously, they were incriminating for both men and women. Last year in Washington and Los Angeles, 2 review boards were shut down and many men writing them were arrested. Not the escorts, but the men. So stay away from reviews. We are not yelp lol. Just because a guy had a great time with one woman does not mean you will have an identical time with her. Chemistry is complicated.

Do not make a hasty decision and take your time. Most ladies like myself prefer long dates that are two plus hours and dinner dates and this requires you take your time to get to know somebody. Most men that book me will spend a good amount of time looking at my website and getting to know me before booking me for a date. Ironically even though I have a deep throating video on my website, very few men actually book me for these types of dates which is good because I like an actual date not just somebody coming over wanting some head LOL. The main reason I have that deep throat video on my site is to promote my only fans paid subscription site. Most men book me due to my blogs and my recorded interview

Gentlemen, the days of going to p411 or TER for a quick look see and booking are over forever. You are going to have to do more research and listening to your intuition from now on I am sorry to say. There are no easy answers any longer. 

Btw, there are some outdated things on my website that should be removed (like the TER and date check verification) as well as one video that does not work (ironically the deepthroat video still works lol) anyway I do not know where my webmaster is since she is not answering my emails and I have no idea how to do anything on this site other then write blogs. I will be retiring this year so I am not going to pay more money to design a new site thru a new web designer so I am going to leave it for now. But I just thought I would point this out for clarification.