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I respond to all emails promptly after 10 or 11 am.  After you have been verified if you would like to chat on the phone or text we can do that. I have been verified on sites such as DATE CHECK-SR2029f, p411-p190759, TER-277884 and RS2K

My incall location is always in Pleasanton, California.  I can come to you for outcall however, no matter where you are. I do not see anyone for incalls or outcalls before 11am or after 10pm.

I am very selective in who I see since I see very few clients.  For verification,  my preference is if you can please contact me at least 24hrs in advance.  At a minimum allow at least a couple of hours before you want to see me so I have time to verify you.  The process is very simple, easy and discreet.

I value my own discretion and privacy so I am aware and respectful of the need for your discretion and privacy at all times. The information I require for verification is strictly to ascertain it is safe for me to see you.  All information you give to me is kept strictly confidential and private at all times.

For verification I require either provider or work


If you have seen a previous escort before, please clear it with them first and let them know I am will be contacting them.  When they say it is ok please provide me with their name, email and/or phone number in your initial email. Let me know what information you gave to them to verify you such as your full name, email address and/or the phone number you used in your original correspondence with them. 

The provider has to be an escort you have seen WITHIN the last 6 months.  If you are on p411 I need to see at least 2 or more recent (within 6 months) of ok’s from other providers. If you are on p411 please email me from there for quicker verification. Here is my link to my profile on p411
The provider HAS to have a google presence (meaning if I google her name , it needs to be obvious she is an escort): and 1 or more of the following: reviews on TER, website, possibly a twitter feed, Eros ad, P411 ad. If she has no google presence then I will assume she is your friend or a cop and that will definitely not work. I am not very keen on backpage girls because they usually never have any of the above items and they tend to never get back to me. So not a good choice.
As an added safety measure please give me your real first and last name in your email (many of you already do in your email address) I would also like to see your picture in the email and when you arrive I will need to see your drivers license to confirm you gave me your real name and picture.
There have been cases of cops arresting escorts and then they use her as bait to catch other escorts and seeing your picture and DL will help with further verification. I am also concerned that so and so escort has not really checked her records to verify you and has just ok’d you out of the blue (this has happened before) so I need an added safety measure. In this business you can never be too safe. 
If you have never seen an escort before then I can do work verification.  I have verified many men thru their work and it is very discreet and private.  For work verification, I would like you to email me your real first and last name, a work website url (if you have one), phone number of your job and a Linked in page if you have one. I would love it if there was a picture on linked in or company website and if not please include your picture in your email. I will also google your name so please be sure to give me your real first and last name and not something fake. When I see you, I will need to see your DL to confirm your first and last name and picture and that you are who you say you are. 

I will also have to verify you work at said job and have them patch me thru to you. If the receptionist wants to know why I am calling I can say whatever you want me to say to her. 

I get emails everyday from men who want to see me and sometimes they do not contain the information I need to verify you quickly. I would like to include a copy of an email from a man who included the perfect information I need to verify him quickly.  He was immediately verified and we set something up and had tons of fun!


Hi Stephania,
My name is steve. I am a 50 year old professional executive.  I travel a lot and will be in the san francisco area the middle to the end of Oct. The information and videos you posted on your website is very attractive to me. I would like a 3 hr outcall for fri oct 23rd  in the evening from 8-11pm.
I would like to qualify with you using the following references:  I used both my phone # and email address when corresponding with them
Name: Cicily
Phone: (408) 600-xxxx
My Identifier: phone #
Her website XXXXXXXXX
Name: blaire stevens
Phone:(415) 299-xxxx
My identifier: email address XXXXXXX
Thanking you in anticipation.

Steve 555-5555 (texting before 5 is ok otherwise please only email)

Compare that to this type of email in the next paragraph that does not contain what I am seeking and will slow down the verification process.


Hello, I am coming into your city and i would need a companion,Email me your terms and charges. And let me know if you do outdoors (like Hotels).i will look forward to read from you ASAP.
Dr Jim Gilly

I know some of you are worried an escort could be a cop.   A cop is not going to go to all the trouble to have a detailed website, videos, blog, twitter feed and reviews on sites like TER or be members of p411, date check like I am.
I have done everything I can to establish myself as a high-quality professional escort to reassure all of you that I am not a cop.  If you are seeing an escort with none of this, you are taking a chance in my opinion of being ripped off or worse.  Most high-quality professional escorts have most if not all the above items and will verify you before seeing you and are very professional in their approach.  If they don’t, I would be careful because I have heard some horror stories out there.  
One of my clients found a hot girl off backpage and she entered his hotel room with a big burly guy behind her with a gun and took his money and wallet.  She had no reviews, website, twitter, etc and she did not ask to verify him before seeing him.   All she had was super hot pics on backpage and a phone #.
If you are interested in booking me, please email me at the required information above in advance of your appt as well as the date, time and amount of time you are interested in.
Thank you for your understanding and cooperation!


  • Steven

    Reply Reply April 5, 2016

    Hi Stephania,

    I loved your videos, it looks like you really enjoy your work and job. I plan to signup and follow your blog.

    Looking forward to setting something thing up with you over the next couple of months ok? I plan to send you everything that you have requested in your verification section.

    Thanks for creating a great website with really fun content. I also like to watch porn! Maybe we can do that together when we meet…

    Thanks again, Looking forward to meeting you

    • stephaniaricci

      Reply Reply April 6, 2016

      Hey Steve

      Yes I do love my career as a companion escort. I love that you will be on my email list and anyone who signs up for this is privy to immediate notification of when I post new pics (my new photoshoot is today 4/6 and I will send everyone on my email list notification next week when them are posted on my site), videos, as well as various specials I run occasionally. You also get my recorded dirty voicemail, recorded interview, sexy emails and so much more so you will have fun being a free subscriber

      I am glad you are having fun on my website! I have new blog posts in the works such as one where I will talk about my time in the porn business since I am getting alot of questions about that lol.

      I would love to meet you in the next couple of months and in the meantime enjoy being on my email list until we meet and yes I would love to watch porn with you!

  • Cameron Valdez

    Reply Reply April 19, 2016

    Wanted to subscribe sweety!

    • stephaniaricci

      Reply Reply April 19, 2016

      ok awesome and thanks for signing up on my email list! By being on this list I do occasionally run specials that are only available to guys signed up on my email list. You will also be receiving some naughty dirty things from me (like the new recorded dirty voicemail) since you signed up

  • Tony

    Reply Reply May 2, 2016


    I would like to meet you. I will email you sweetie


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