I have a trust guarantee on my website that is for incalls ONLY.  In a nutshell what it entails is this. When you come to my incall and if for any reason you are not happy with me or with how I look you may take your donation and leave and no questions will be asked.  However, tonight I had a date that sort of took a wrong turn and it is obvious I need to make very clear what is not covered in this trust guarantee so there is no confusion.


A man named Steve contacted me today and wanted to book me for an hr.  I reluctantly said yes however I don’t really care for the 1 hr bookings since it is hard to connect in 1 hr. Thankfully I rarely get a man booking me for an hour and I think I will be taking it off my menu soon.  He also contacted me at 7pm which made verifying him in time for that same evening tough to do. I told him I prefer pre-booking if it can be done because sometimes verification can take some time since providers don’t always get back to me immediately.


He gave me 2 providers he has seen and one of them got back to me immediately. We made a date for 2 hrs later since I had to shower and get ready for him and clean the apt a little bit.  He was 10 mins late because somehow in spite of my meticulous directions he still got lost lol.


When he arrived he informed me that his wife had called him while he was driving and now he was nervous about staying since he was worried that his excuse he gave her was not going to hold for long. He was torn between staying and leaving as he thought I was very pretty and had a sexy body.


He kept looking at his phone and sighing and finally said,


“I really would love to stay believe me but I am really worried about my wife not believing where I am or calling/texting during our date and then I have to leave so I have to go home.  I am really sorry but can we reschedule for another time when she is out of town?”


Me: “ok I understand but you are going to pay the full donation however aren’t you?”


Steve: “Well since I am not spending any time with you why don’t I pay you 1/2 the donation like $200?”


To which I laughed and said, “Steve you booked me for an hour.  I spent over an hour just getting ready for this date. I could have done numerous things during the hour I spent getting ready for this date and now that time is lost and never recovered. Other than seeing you I would have no reason to put on makeup and do my hair.  I would appreciate full payment otherwise I am not seeing you in the future. I am sorry this happened but it is not fair of you to take up loads of my time and then not pay me for the full hour.  You are not paying me for sex but for my time regardless of whether or not we spend any time together.”


Steve: “What about your trust guarantee?” 


Me: “Steve that does not pertain to this particular situation because you are not unhappy with me or with how I look. You want to cancel because you are afraid of your wife finding out you are not really at work.”


Steve: “Well what if I said I was not happy with you?”


At this point in time I am getting pissed and he is really pushing his limits. I mean this is fucking ridiculous and the sign of a cheap ass rude man in my opinion.


Me: “Steve that would be unethical what you now want to do and if you ever want to see me ever again in the future you will not pull this bullshit on me. I know why you want to leave and it has nothing to do with how I look.  If you want a long-term thing with me then you need to be honest, fair and own up to things and not pull this shit on me.” 


Steve: “Ok you are right and I will pay the full donation and which he did.”


I want to once again make it very clear that I do NOT want to talk about or negotiate the donation. If you come to my incall and something unexpected comes up and you have to leave. You are NOT allowed to negotiate a lower fee or ask for your donation back. You will quietly leave the full donation on the table and leave. You don’t hand me money or ask that I hand you money.  This money should ALWAYS be invisible!  I don’t want to talk about money.  It makes me feel very uncomfortable.  


How would you like it if your boss did that to you after you spent loads of time getting ready for work, got to work and then the boss said, “Oh hey Steve sorry but I have to cancel our work session because I have to get home to my wife but I will pay you 1/2 the fee that you expected even though you spent an hour getting ready plus 1/2 hr cleaning and verifying me.  LOL but oh well you can go into your time capsule and get that time back again. Wow! yeah so I hope you can see where I am coming from on this one. 


I asked other escorts how they would handle this situation and all of them said that when a guy did that to them not only did he leave the full donation but he also gave a little extra for the inconvenience.  For the record I am not going to see this guy in the future because I don’t get a good feeling about him and I don’t appreciate him putting me thru that.  It was stressful, unnerving and obviously did not make me feel good at all.


Gentlemen, I am very picky about who I see and I see very few men. The vast majority of my clients are married .  I have been doing this for a year now and I have never run into an issue with a guy needing to leave because of his wife.  I understand it is hard sometimes to sneak out of the house, take money out of the atm, book loads of time with me, etc.  But what I do know is that I expect a man to be a gentleman: kind, courteous and generous. When I spend time verifying you, cleaning up the apt for you and getting ready for you, the least you can do is leave the donation on the table and not try to negotiate a lower fee because you need to leave.  That made me feel very uncomfortable, not trust him and not want to see him again in the future. Quite honestly I don’t want to argue with this guy in the future. if heaven forbid halfway thru our date his wife calls and he has to leave.


I contacted his reference who is a well reviewed and well known escort in Beverly Hills and I told her what happened and this is what she said



Thanks for letting me know about this.  I made a note of it so if he ever uses me as a reference again I will share this story.  
What an ass.  Do you think his wife really called or he was trying to just be cheap?  Good for you for staying strong and demanding your money. I would have done the same.  
Fyi: We ladies will contact your references if you are ever out of line about something like this guy was. We are almost like a sorority and we are a tight knit group and keep each other informed about things.  It is never a good idea to write a fake review, fuck one of us over or disrespect us because word gets out pretty quickly. I know many high-powered well-known escorts and as you have seen from my blog posts I do love to communicate. 
 This business is not for the faint of heart.  Weak women will not survive. Ladies need to be strong and stand their ground otherwise some men will take advantage of them. If you treat an escort respectfully she will treat you like a king and word will get out you are a special client and you will get superb red carpet treatment from all ladies.  Treat her like a walmart special and word will get out pretty quickly that you are a dick and pretty much all escorts will avoid you like the plague. So just be aware of this.
 In this particular case not only am I not seeing this guy in the future because of the stress, hassle and inconvenience of the whole thing.  But now his 2 other providers have been informed and they may or may not want see him in the future.  He cannot use them as references because they will now inform the other ladies he wants to see and then they may or may not want to risk it with him and his wife situation. I think I should have just stuck to my guns about not wanting to see anyone for an hour for the first time and I should have rejected him but I figured since he had seen 2 other providers that said he was great it would be ok.  
Also, this guy clearly did not read my instructions very well because I stated in the email that anything less than a 4 hr cancellation results in the payment of the full fee so I don’t know why he was trying to negotiate a lower fee but that was stupid of him.  It also makes all of us escorts super uncomfortable when you start discussing money or negotiating a new fee!  All of us clearly state on our websites ALL FEES ARE NON-NEGOTIATIABLE! What part of this did he not understand?
I am also trying to take you gentlemen behind the scenes of how the escort business works so you understand all of this better and can be a better informed guest. What this guy did was totally and completely out of line and very disrespectful.  Especially since it clearly states in my cancellation policy (which I include in the directions I send to every client so there is no way you can miss it!) that anything less than a 4 hr notice of cancellation requires full fee. LOL this guy was at my incall and cancelling – Sorry but you have to pay the full fee at that point and not negotiate a lower fee.  It is rude, out of line and disrespectful of my time to do that.
In my next blog post I am going to take you behind the scenes and show you what my day is like so you can understand how busy my life really is and why I don’t see many men, etc
The other reason I had to report this man to his references is because not only was he was being very unethical, but he was also going against all escorts rules regarding the donation and I felt it my obligation to report him to his references because when you start talking about the donation like that to any escort you become a danger for many reasons. This guy has seen many escorts before and so he knew the rules.  If he was new I would have cut some slack but when you have been doing this for awhile, you know what not to do. 
 So to reiterate:
 Under no circumstances are you gentlemen to (and this pertains to ALL escorts):
1) Negotiate our fee – it is set in stone and not up for negotiation
2) Hand us the donation (Incall place it on a table when you arrive.  Outcall it can be placed in the bathroom next to the faucet)
3) Ask if you may receive all or part of the donation back or ask us to hand it to you
4) Talk about the donation
5) Do what this guy did and try to negotiate the fee because you have to leave unexpectedly
6) Ask where you can leave the donation
7) Ask if it is ok if you don’t have an envelope for the donation

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