I have had several experiences over the past month in regards to needing alternative ways to pay me. Many of my clients are married and share a joint banking account which makes withdrawing money from an ATM difficult. There have also been times when a client wants to see me for a long date but his bank account will not allow the withdrawal of the full amount of donation.  Since it is after hours or a 3 day weekend, he can’t call the bank to get the limit increased.  So I wanted to suggest some alternative ways to pay me if this is ever an issue for you.

One of the best ways to pay me is thru an E gift card, gift card PayPal, etc. Please note I do not accept credit cards at this time.

E gift cards are super easy and discreet.  I usually prefer amazon or Whole Foods (I spend probably $400-$500 pr week buying healthy foods. Believe me I’ve tried cutting back on my food consumption however I need to eat around 2500 calories a day to maintain my weight otherwise I get too skinny).

Since some of you do not know how to buy E gift cards I will give you an example and I will use amazon as an example. When you go online to, up at the top there is a link for gift cards and registry. After you click on that you then click on the “email a gift card box”. That will then take you to 3 gift card options and you would choose the standard option.  You enter in the amount of dollars and my email address (email me because I want to give you a different email address to use) and the rest is self explanatory. You will get a confirmation email and I will get the gift link email.  I then click on the redeem link in the email and voila it is done! 

The other night I had a client wanting to see me for 2 hrs.  When he went to his bank it only allowed the withdrawal of $600. The bank was closed so he could not call and get his daily withdrawal amount increased. Needless to say he was upset because he wanted to see me for a long time and relax since he had had a long day at work and loads of stress. I suggested that he buy me an amazon E gift card for the additional $200 and it was settled immediately with no hassles.  I now have an additional $200 in my amazon account and everyone is happy!

Now, a word of warning with amazon E gift cards.  I have had 2 situations in the past month where a large amount (over $300) was sent to me and in both cases the gentlemen had to cancel the transaction and pay me another way. If you are paying over $300 it will take longer for everything to process so if you have a date with me at 8pm, then it would be wise to prepay me the day before so it clears in time before our date.  

I had a guy put $800 on an amazon E card at 2pm and our date was at 8pm. Unfortunately by 6pm it still had not cleared.  Amazon had failed to tell me that it would take 8 hrs to clear that large of an amount of money so he had to cancel the transaction and go buy 2 visa gift cards with his credit card so his wife would not be wondering why he withdrew $800 out of the bank account. 

If you do not feel comfortable buying an E gift card on the internet what you can do is buy an amazon gift card in a store and give me the card # or buy a vanilla visa gift card at CVS or Rite Aid and give me the #, pin and exp date. Of course this is a little riskier on my part since you would have the card and could charge it out before I could spend it (well I can tap out a $500 gift card pretty quickly lol) so obviously I would have to have trust in you.

The other option is for you to put credits into my Eros account for my future ad renewals (the credit card will show not as Eros but something more discreet in case your wife sees the cc bill). All you have to do is call Eros and tell them you would like to credit my account and then they will send me an email letting me know I have credits. Fyi: Eros is fantastic but expensive. The front page space is $800 pr mo and you still have to have a base ad which is $285. As you can see it is expensive to advertise! I love lingerie or wine as a gift but to be honest I am more practical and would rather have my ad space paid for or an amazon e gift card. 

There are plenty of other creative and fun ways to pay me vs cash because I do understand your dilemma with the banks and/or the wife. But where there is a will there is a way lol

Please email me if you feel I have forgotten another way for you to pay me.



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