I know many gentlemen are very excited when they finally find a woman that impresses them. After emailing and waiting and waiting and waiting, you wonder why she never responded to your email. Below are some of the major reasons an escort will not respond to your email.

  1. You sent a dick pic. This is something no escort will ever realistically respond to because it is rude and gross. It is also violating the sexual content rule. Meaning NO escort wants anything in emails that is indicative of sex or sexual activity since that is illegal and if you turn out to be a cop she could get arrested. Although I do find it hard to believe a cop would email a pic of his dick lol, but it could happen. One time a guy sent a pic of his naked body with a towel covering his dick and all his message said was “Can I see you today? LOL NO! Are you kidding? That is still disrespectful and sexual.  No escort needs to see what your body looks like. What we need is verification. We do not need to verify your body first. 
  2. Your message is vague. Emailing “Hey baby let’s meet,” or “Are you available?” (esp at midnight) will probably not get any return email.  In this email there is no indication that you even read the ladies website and know where her incall is (mine is in pleasanton calif and NOT SF or SJ***) or what her rates are.
  3. Your email is crude, rude or contains sexual content or asks for sexual services. Like I have said before, No escort wants to get arrested and if you are exchanging money and sex and the guy turns out to be a cop then they can. Escorts sell time and money only and whether or not sex even happens is up in the air. If your email sounds crude and disrespectful (hey whore I want to fuck your pussy – how much? I want a bbbj for 1 hr in berkeley) you will not get a response. I have never gotten an email like that and that is just an example. 
  4. You email too late at night and the lady is in bed sleeping. I go to bed around 11pm (however for evening dinner dates I do go to bed later) so if a guy emails me at 11:30pm, he will not get a response until morning when I wake up.
  5. She does not get a good feeling about your email or she checked your email against the blacklist and you were on there. Most all ladies in this business tune into their intuition when answering emails and sometimes we just get that 6th sense or something just feels off about your email. I have had men who email me and the grammar is horrible or it just looks like they made no real effort to fill out the contact form and I will not respond back to their email. If they can’t even thoroughly fill out the contact form then it shows me that they are not very interested in seeing me or that I am going to have to spend loads of time asking them for the information they could have put down on the contact form. Like recently I got a contact form filled out at midnight and it asks “what is your FULL name” He puts Tony. LOL ok apparently this guy is like Madonna and does not have a last name. His contact form was trashed since it was after midnight and I received it when I got up and obviously he wanted to see me at midnight. No thanks
  6. The email got lost. This has happened and if you have not violated any of the above and the lady is not responding, it could very well be that she never received your email. I would try emailing again and seeing if she responds and more than likely she will.

Gentlemen I hate to say this but first impressions with escorts in this business really do count. Please always try to make a very good impression and show the lady you are a gentleman and respectful and you will go far in getting a lady to respond back to you. 

I would also like to say that after the lady emails you back please continue to be respectful and not talk about sex or she may just cut off and not talk to you anymore. Meaning please keep all emails NON- sexual and please no words like I want to cum see you. Again, until the laws of this country change, in the USA prostitution is illegal and both you and the lady can get arrested. If you keep everything clean and tidy it is highly unlikely anyone will be arrested. ALL ladies get VERY nervous when you start to chat about sexual activity or even hint (like I want to cum see you) at sex. So please just keep it clean.

Keep in mind gents that if you see the same lady over and over, she will more than likely let her hair down more and sext you or talk dirty in emails if you are open to that. But for that first initial appt, at least for me I am on guard even if you have been verified. My website is very sexual and I am taking a big risk with it being like this but I don’t care because first of all I have a right to express my sexual freedom how I want and secondly I am not selling sex and thirdly what is on my website is for entertainment purposes only and is designed to get you gents to sign up for my patreon site when it is launched next month.  But just because I am very sexual on my website does not give you gents the freedom to do so in emails unfortunately.

One last thing. Please do not email an escort repeatedly and be respectful of her time while you wait for your date. I will be writing a new blog called “The do’s and don’ts of seeing an escort” which will contain lots of helpful tips. I have had guys set up appts with me and then send loads of emails or share pics of their animals, hobbies, etc. This happens to all ladies btw. Please keep in mind that you are paying for a ladies time and the time to show all those pics is during the paid date and not before. If you want a more exclusive situtation (consider the sugar arrangement with her) and/or need lots of her time before a date then please consider paying her an advance fee for her time.

Here is an example of an incorrect email to send to me.

Hi I’m Vincent and if you could text me, I’ll be the happiest man today, lol. I’m 28m Caucasian and would love to spoil you. XXX-XXXX, I’ll get into details on text but I’m really into older women (LOL I am 35 and he is 28?? Really?? I am NOT an older woman compared to him)and I live alone so… text me please lol

In many cases I can tell immediately you and I are not a good match just by the tone and information in your email and I will trash the email. For instance in this email, most (not all) guys in their 20’s cannot afford my $400 pr hr rate and also I don’t text back. I have found most all time wasters love to text or chat on the phone. This is why you cannot find my phone # on any of my PAID ads, if you see my # anywhere on the internet please do NOT call or text me as I will not respond to anyone that has not been verified and has a date with me. When you are verified and have a paid date scheduled with me I will give you my # the day before the date so we can confirm, etc. This guys email talks about spoiling me (which is code for = I don’t know what your rates are and/or I am not prepared to pay your hourly fee) and has no verification information or date/time of the date. No thanks Vincent. However, paying my hourly fee and spoiling me is acceptable.

Other than Eros or Slixa, most all of the ads you see of me on the internet are from companies that have stolen my information and pics (I photoshop the backgrounds and some ads are still using my old backgrounds) and they put my phone # as well because when I first started in the escort business I did include that in my ads and now I don’t.

This however is an example of the type of email all escorts love to see.

Hi Stephania

My name is Steve Jones and I saw your ad on Eros. I am very interested in seeing you next week Apr 10th at your incall location for a 2 hr date. I can be verified thru a past provider I saw in Jan and her name is Isabella smith. Her website is isabellasmith.com. Her email is isabellasmith@gmail.com and her phone # is 555-999-0101 (btw I made up isabella). I used the name steve jones and my email addy when contacting isabella.

Thank you for your time and I look forward to your response!


If you have never seen a provider before then we need to do work verification and that is simple, discreet and private and I do it all the time. If you are retired and have never seen a provider before, obviously you will not be able to send verification info. However, I will still see you and I do have another way to verify you. Btw I have no age or race restrictions. I have seen gents in their 70’s and guys in their 20’s. Most of my clients are 50-70’s and respectful, generous gentlemen.

***Even though I am on Eros and Slixa under San Francisco and San Jose. I NEVER have incall there. My incall is ALWAYS in Pleasanton Calif, but I will do outcall to all cities. Please see my rates because I do have different rates for outcall vs incall. My rates are under the heading intimate rates




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