Something very exciting has happened!  Yesterday I was contacted out of the blue by a modeling/porn company in Los Angeles and they thought I would be perfect for 2 different projects. They gave me a choice. One is a pictorial in Hustler magazine that would be a college professor type photo shoot.  I would be in various sexy, nude poses like bending over a desk with no panties on while the student is looking up my skirt or bent over the student while he is at his desk and my boobs are in his face, etc.

The other one was a porn video where I would be doing girl on girl, girl, boy, girl or boy, boy, girl.

Now as much as I love playing with guys and girls, I decided to go for the Hustler magazine photo shoot because I have always wanted to be in playboy, hustler or penthouse magazine.  I have always thought those magazines were super hot and I loved seeing the women bent over grabbing their ankles and seeing their luscious bare pussies.  That is so fucking hot!  I love a bare pussy 😉  I love getting a brazilian every month and feeling how smooth and silky it is.

If the Hustler magazine photo shoot comes thru I will be raising my rates substantially since I will be able to leverage this to my advantage. I have some other projects in the making such as doing a series of deepthroating videos. I can deepthroat and lick and swallow balls and I may as well cash in on this skill and make videos, etc. I am also thinking of doing some fitness videos. Right now a lot of this is in the beginning stages and I will let you know when this will all come out. If you are on my mailing list (sign up at my website which you are on right now) you will know about any new things immediately

I think I am going to be doing the only fans club site and offering videos, etc for a monthly subscription. I think it would be very hot to do one where I am running an ice cube all over my tanned, tight toned body 😉 I love playing with ice! I would also love to do a video where I am working out at the gym since that is one of my passions and make it really sexy though.  I saw this hot sexy schoolgirl video I want to replicate (I would def make out with her)- what do you think?

I watch a show on TLC called “Sex sent me to the ER” well read this latest article from hustler magazine – unbelievable! lol!in-the-news-12439/PUB1579