Even though I have my rates and incall location clearly noted on my website, for some reason I still get lots of men emailing me and not knowing this information. It creates a lot of wasted time for the both of us. I am not going to allow 2017 to be overrun with anymore time wasting activities so I thought I would write a blog and answer some frequently asked questions and go over some faux pas and then pass on the link to any new client emailing me to make sure they know everything. It will be a more efficient use of everyone’s time.


My incall is located in a wealthy area in pleasanton/dublin (I will not give specifics until you are verified). It is in a private condo that is in a luxurious gated community and it is clean, private and safe. You can drive or take uber, taxi or bart. At my incall I offer all luxurious amenities including shower, shaving equip, disp razors, disp toothbrushes, mouthwash, etc. 

I charge $400 pr hr ( please do not email me for discounts or reduced rates because I do not do them. I provide high-quality entertainment to gentlemen and if you cannot afford me please either move on to somebody else you can afford or save your money until you can afford me).

1 hr is $400

1.5 hr is $600

2 hr is $800

3 hr is $1,200

I also offer dinner dates (4+ hrs), overnights and weekend getaways. For more info on those rates please see my intimate rate section. Please note: I do have 2 separate rate areas. One for GFE and one for PSE. I do not offer PSE to first time guests because I need to talk to you in person and get clarity on what exactly you are looking for. 


Yes I do outcalls all over the bay area and most of my outcalls are to SF or SJ. I don’t go to any city however that is over an hr from pleasanton and if I do I will charge way more to come to you. For outcalls my minimum booking is 2 hrs and it is $900 +$120 for my driver and 3 hrs $1,300 + $120 for my driver. Again, for dinner dates and other long extended dates please go to my intimate rates page.


Yes I do. There was recently on Twitter a photo of an escort that had 2 black eyes from a guy she saw. I don’t know if he was verified or not but gentlemen, this business is VERY dangerous for us ladies. There was also a video of a woman being stabbed in another room. I have to verify you for my own protection so I do not get arrested, killed, beaten, etc. I hope you understand why I need this information. I know of some escorts who will not even use other providers as references and they will only see you if they have your real name. 

Verification is very discreet and I never use your information other than to verify you are who you say you are. I can do either provider or work verification. If you are on p411 with several recent (LOL some of you have ok’s from ladies that are over 6 months old! So it has to be within 3 months that you have seen someone and they have ok’d you on p411). Same time frame goes for TER. Also I will be contacting some of the ladies on p411 and TER to make sure you have seen them. There are fraudulent men on both sites.

If you are interested in seeing me please do not email me first and fill out my contact form first and send it to me. Once I receive it I will email you back and we can take it from there. If you do not hear from me then please email me since things can get lost and sometimes that link might not work due to a tech glitch that day. Here is the link for that

If you are an older gentleman and do not work and have never seen a provider before please email me and I have another way to verify you.


Yes! I gladly see anyone as long as you are a gentleman and can be verified. I have seen guys as young as 28 and as young as 75. I also see all races. I do not however see anyone under the age of 25 since I have run into nothing but flakes in guys under 25. 


I want to make it very clear that I do not want any emails coming to me asking if I do such and such sexual act or sexual activity or even alluding to sex such as “I want to cum see you”. It is illegal to exchange sex and money and you are only paying for an escorts time and companionship and not sex. If a lady you chat with turns out to be a cop she can arrest you since you just admitted to wanting xyz sex act in an email. What if your wife sees the email or text? Better to be safe than sorry. I also find those types of emails distasteful to be honest. 

This is another reason I am thinking of delisting off TER because I don’t like reviews. In my opinion I think reviews are low class and tasteless. What goes on between me and a gentleman should remain private and not announced to the whole world.

Plus I have several fake reviews on TER from men I never saw. Any guy can go on to TER and write whatever he wants. Many times they are used against an escort in court when they are arrested. There have also been 2 review boards shut down this past year in the US and the men writing the reviews were arrested. So it just is not a good idea anymore to either write or receive reviews.  There is a mass exodus of providers choosing to delist and not have anymore reviews and many of them have told me that their business got much better after they delisted.

Last May when I got into the escort business I was $300 pr hr, then $350 then $375. In Sept 2015 I raised them to $400 pr hr and have not looked back. I see fewer men but I get a much better clientele that is not looking for a reviewed and/or acronym escort, but an actual connection. Most all guys book me for 2 or more hrs. When I was $300 pr hr it was all about the 1 hr deepthroating head guys and I got tired of that real quick. I mean don’t get me wrong I do love deepthroating and I’m very very good at it, but I want more than just some guy coming over to get some head LOL.

At the time I needed reviews so men could see I was not a cop and I was legitimate. Now I don’t need the training wheels anymore since I have a very strong internet presence (I have 4 pages on google and my swallowing balls jackhammer mouthfucking technique fills up the first 2 entries on google even over porn). A very detailed thorough website (you can see what I look and sound like thru my videos, recorded interview and sexy recordings. I also post selfies on Twitter) and twitter feed where I tweet daily. (I can’t help it, I think I am addicted to twitter). I am also on instagram (they took off the selfie video of me playing with my nipple). The nipple video however is on twitter since they are more open to nipple freedom lol.

Since next week is Christmas, do any of you remember the Seinfeld episode where Elaine was taking christmas pictures and somehow her nipple got exposed and everyone started calling her nip? LOL then Kramer came in the door and wanted to know where his Christmas picture was and Elaine said, “You want your Christmas pic? I’ll give you your Christmas pic.” Then she smothered his face between her breasts. I love Seinfeld. I once went on a dinner date and the whole date we talked about Seinfeld since we were both Seinfeld enthusiasts.

If you need reviews to see how I am in the bedroom then you need to go see another provider. I think my website reveals all of that and more and you gentlemen need to use your gut when booking a lady and not reviews. Sooooo many reviews are fake anyway. I just had a client say he saw a provider in her 60’s and the pics on her website showed a tight fit body and even her reviews agreed. When he met her she was old, wrinkled and had a fat belly. Lol who is writing those reviews? Anyway my point is, you cannot believe reviews and many could be fake, ghostwritten, etc and not even be true. So you can still be catfished. 

Please keep all correspondence to me non-sexual. This is one of the major reasons why some of you do not hear back from escorts. They throw emails containing sexual activity in the garbage.

That brings me to my next point. Do not ask what you will get for $400 pr hr. Again, I am not going to tell you what you are getting since you are not paying me for sex but for time. What you are getting for $400 pr hr is my time lol.


If I have not given you my number (and you found it on the internet), please do not call or text me. I would prefer you fill out my contact form on my website first and wait for me to get back to you. You can always email me if I don’t respond within 24 hrs. I only want texts if I have given you the number and told you it was ok to text me. I have had nothing but time wasters call or text me and spent loads of my time chatting or texting and then they never book an appt so I have learned my lesson.

If you are texting me and I have not given you my number then I will be giving you the link to this blog post. After you read this part you will know not to text me again and to go to the link above and fill out the contact form first and wait for me to email back.


No we do not. I know some of you would prefer to remain indoors due to inclement weather or you are just worried someone may see you and I out dining. I totally understand your need for privacy and we can remain indoors. We do however have to have some food for 3+ hr dates. I also do indoor cooking dates and those are a lot of fun!


I am a low volume companion and what that means is I only see 1 guy a day and I do not see men each day. The last guy I saw was over the weekend for a 4 hr date and today is 12/15/16. So you can see how low volume I am. I am very picky about who I spend my time with and I only see qualified gentlemen who meet my standards (meaning their emails are respectful and not sexual).

This is why when I had a couple of no call no show guys a few weeks ago (which is rare for me) it is so incredibly inconsiderate because when I get ready for you I am only showering and getting ready for my date with you. Not with you and then Jim, Steve, Harry and David lol. I am always refreshed, excited and horny to see you so I hope you can handle me. 


If you are emailing to get clarity on something (again this cannot be clarity on what will go on sexually during the date), then yes you may and if it is not then no you may not.

Gentlemen I understand your excitement about our big date. However please keep in mind I cannot provide daily or frequent entertainment prior to our date. You pay for my time and it is very unfair of you if you spend 2 hrs of my time prior to the date emailing back and forth to see what I am up to or to tell me what you are doing and then spend 2 hrs at my incall. You basically got 4 hrs of my time for the price of 2 hrs and that is not fair.

There was a recent tweet on twitter and an escort mentioned that she would like to offer gentlemen the opportunity to pay for additional chatting or emailing prior or after the date since some had expressed interest. That is a great idea but honestly I really don’t want to do that. I would rather we spend our time on our date over some nice wine discussing things.

Please be sure to leave a comment below or email me if you wish to see a question answered here.





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