I love deepthroating but what I also love is licking balls and swallowing them at the same time.  Somebody told me I should call it: Deepballfucking or Mouthcockballfucking lol.  I think those are amazing names to describe this.  I saw annette schwartz do this in one of her porns (if you see my porn blog and later in this articla I have links to some of her videos) and I love her.

A long time ago I perfected this technique on a friend of mine because he has the perfect cock and he loves to shave everything down below.  I was also able to mouthfuck him while his balls were in my mouth.  I mean obviously you can’t pull up too high on the cock when the balls are in your mouth if you are also trying to mouthfuck.  This is hard to explain to be honest lol. I will just call it the mini mouthfuck for now. 

He told me when I was deep-throating him and licking his balls at the same time it felt like 2 girls were doing it.  I could not reply at the time since his cock was down my throat, but I did chuckle when I thought to myself, “Now if I could just talk back I would really have an amazing skill as the DT/balls ventriloquist lol.”


Awhile back I discovered something brand new I can do on a bed with a cock when it comes to mouthfucking. Btw this must be a unique skill I invented, because if you google the words “jackhammer mouthfucking” you will notice that 2 of my blogs talking about it are in the first top 2 entries. I was impressed when I saw that. It is hard to get top billing with google and when I wrote the articles I did not even know what I was doing as far as SEO positioning, but I am delighted none the less!

I have named this new technique jackhammer mouthfucking or JM for short (see I told you I love finding new things to do with head).  I was mouthfucking my friend and I discovered if he is laying on the bed and I am on my knees giving him head, if I bounce the mattress up and down in unison with his cock going in and out of my mouth I can use that as leverage and go super fast.  It is very intense! I will do this for awhile after I have gone slow and sensual in the beginning and I will also use a lot of suction with my mouth. Then I unleash all that saliva onto his cock and stroke it hard and fast while sucking the head and sometimes talking dirty.  

Depending on how close he is to cumming, I might repeat.   I also sometimes lick the balls at the same time as the cock is going in and out of my throat.  With this technique (combined with other things) you can give a man a very intense mind blowing orgasm.

You can’t do this move if a man is standing up because there is nothing to use for leverage. The ability to bounce up and down really fast on the bed is what makes it go fast.  The super fast movement is what makes it very intense and pleasurable for a man.  A man will appreciate you are going super fast because it replicates him fucking you fast. Except all he has to do is lie there and receive pleasure from you.  He does not have to do anything but lie back and enjoy it. 🙂

I taught my girlfriend this technique to do to her boyfriend and he proposed lol. I am now going to their wedding.  I hope she continues to give him head because this seems to happen. The women gives the guy head before they get married and then stops once they are married. The poor guy only gets birthday head lol. I think women during the wedding ceremony hear. “Do you cheryl promise to stop giving your man head once you are married and she says, “I do.”  If steve were writing the wedding vows.  It would go something like this, “Do you cheryl promise to give steve head every night and double the head for super bowl month.”  You know she would have her own vows lol.  

I told my date Paul I am never getting married and instead I would love to have a large harem of men serving me and servicing me lol.  I would want them to lick my pussy, fuck me, lick and suck my toes, massage my feet and my body, put on lotion, cook and clean, spot me at the gym and so much more.  I would then worship their cocks and deepthroat them.  There are times when I wake up horny and would love to be serviced by a guy in my harem.  He could come in and lick my pussy and then bend me over and spread my legs and stick his nice hard cock into my ass or pussy and fuck me really good. I am getting very horny thinking of this – why is it every time I am horny there is no man around?  Well it is 1:33 am and they are probably all sleeping. 

We would have our own pleasure kingdom. I swear I know I have had a past life where this happened because it feels so normal to me.  I should make a porn about this debauchery.  I think Paul signed up to be a part of my harem. He is older and we are going to Paris in the immediate future since he is retired and wants to travel now.  He can service me in Paris while I eat my berries, whipped cream and coffee and then I will put whipped cream on his cock and lick it off.  Actually when you think about it – I already have it 😉 but the men are not cooking and cleaning as of yet which really sucks because I hate housecleaning lol.

I have been asked some questions by guys and I thought I would answer them here

What is the longest and/or thickest you have deepthroated?

The longest has been 8″ and the thickest was 6 1/2″.  Most guys in general are either long and skinny or short and thick.  It is rare to come across a long/thick dick in the regular world and I have never come across that.  It would be nice but have not found it.  In porn you can find it.  Honestly, I do prefer thinner dicks to deepthroat because it is more fatiguing on the tmj muscles to have to keep them open on a thicker cock for long periods of time since I have a petite body and mouth. 

Do you swallow?

No I don’t like to do that unless you are my boyfriend.  I do however love cum in mouth or facials

Do you use condoms during head?

No I don’t. Because I love to deepthroat, the reservoir tip would irritate the gag reflex and would make it difficult to jackhammer and do all the things I do. Plus I hate the taste of condoms. I am a low volume provider which means I see very few men and I am selective in who I see.

I never do bareback sex or stripper slides so don’t even ask.

How did you get so good at deepthroating and licking balls at the same time and how are you able to breathe?

Here is the story behind how I got good at giving head and what drives me to continually challenge myself to get better at it.  

It all started in my 20’s when some guy I was very attracted to made fun of my head skills.   Now granted I can honestly say I was not very good at giving head.  I mean most girls at that age are not. But that really left a big impression on me and was the instigating factor as to why and how I decided to get really good at this.  I don’t like someone telling me I am not good at something or making fun of me.  I will do everything in my power to prove that they are wrong!

I decided to get so good at this so no man could ever tell me I suck at giving head ever again!  One of the biggest things I did was ask men for feedback.  Most women think they are good at giving head and they are not. Many are even horrible at hand jobs because they grab the cock too hard and practically annihilate it. If you watch a man masturbate and I do it quite a bit, you can see how he strokes his own cock and he never strokes it super hard.

I have asked loads of men and most have said women suck at giving head because there is an art to giving good head and also most women hate giving head so they lack enthusiasm. A man can tell when a woman is enthusiastic about giving him head.  

If a woman is not excited about giving a man head then he sort of loses his excitement, enthusiasm and enjoyment of the experience as well. I will admit that giving head is boring and that is why I love to deepthroat because it is way more fun!

I believe most all women can learn how to deepthroat but it will take skill, commitment, perseverance and enthusiasm. The other skills I possess such as being able to breathe through my mouth, jackhammer, etc, I am not sure if all women can learn how to do this There would definitely need to be a lot of talent, commitment and dedication to being able to do that as well as lots and lots of practice.

Women also do not ask for feedback and most men are too shy or embarrassed to tell a woman that she sucks at giving head. It is sad but most men are just happy to get some head even if it is bad head. I take great pride in giving good head because I just cannot deal with giving bad head or so so head.  It is when you ask for feedback and then act on it and keep practicing and fine-tuning things that is when you become a master at giving head.  If you read my TER reviews, that is one of the biggiest things all men talk about and that makes me feel very proud.  I even have loads of guys talking about me on nightshift so I am very proud of my accomplishments!

When I was on my quest to get really good at doing this, after giving a man head, I would do a survey to find out what I could have done better. Questions such as: were there any teeth involved, what could I have done to improve the bj, etc.  Some men laughed because they thought I was joking but when they realized I was serious because I wanted to get really good at this, they gave me their honest feedback.  Based on their feedback I altered and changed things – getting better and better at this. Now I am told by men “wow you really have a gift for this” “How did you get so good at giving amazing head, etc” I love these compliments and it makes me feel amazing and accomplished!

I also learned how to breathe while DT because I wanted to keep a mans cock down my throat for a longer period of time. I just got better and better at giving head due to my competitiveness.  One guy asked who I am competing with and the answer is: with myself I guess lol.

I think every women should give a man the most mind blowing head and orgasm he has ever had and you can achieve this thru the skills I use as well as going really slow and building up the intensity and so much more.  Giving amazing head is an art form and I do believe some women are just gifted at doing this.  Not sure if I could teach it because if you have a special skill and talent for something and you are naturally gifted at it – then it is hard to teach your exact skill and talent.  What I should do is find that guy who criticized my blow job skills and suck on his dick now lmao!!

The head I do starts out slow and sensual but is mixed with lots of porn star type head towards the end.  It is unlike anything most men have experienced – (at least this is what I have been told).  

I love this deepthroat video and she gets all the way down there like I do. However if you will notice even she is not able to lick the balls at the same time or stay down there because she can breathe through her mouth. Mmmm, I also like to talk dirty and coupled with the jackhammer technique, you could make a guy gum so hard he can’t get his dick back up again

I have yet to see a porn video where a woman is able to do all of my various techniques and skills. So perhaps next year in 2017 I will come out with my own series of deep throating videos.

Unfortunately on that deep throating dildo video on my website, I found it was impossible to do the various things on a fake cock that I can do on a real one. You can’t even move the balls on a fake dick. The dildo I used was supposed to be a life like cock but I did find it was not very lifelike at all. They need to go back to the drawing board on that one. 


I love camille crimson because she is so sensual and I love annette schwartz because she loves to talk dirty while giving head like I do. She also loves to shove the balls in her mouth like I do. Now I do want to point out 1 thing. I am petite (5’2″) and as such I don’t have a huge mouth. I find the best guys for swallowing balls without hurting them are the guys who are around 4-5″ in girth. If you are 6″ in girth then it is harder to swallow your cock and your balls since there is no room in my mouth for both and it would cause severe pain to you if I did attempt that lol. But very few guys are 6″ in girth anyway. 




Why don’t most women like giving head?

Some reasons I have heard include:

  1. Too much hair down there (this is a big deal killer for alot of women as to why men don’t get head) Nothing is more disgusting than getting a pubic hair in your mouth when giving head.  I have a rule that if your balls are hairy, I will not be swallowing them because the hair causes me to gag.  Also mens balls smell more when there is hair down there I have noticed.   Hair traps in sweat and body odor (yes you do have sweat glands in that area) and then it smells.
  2. Guys take too long to cum and the womans mouth and hands get tired. 
  3. Women are afraid you are going to shove your cock down their throat and they will throw up
  4. They get bored sucking your dick
  5. Some guys smell down there – esp the butthole if it is not clean.  To be blunt, if you have used the toilet and can’t shower- please use some baby wipes or washcloth and soap or something to clean that area.  Btw please don’t use cologne or aftershave on your balls lol – it tastes terrible.
  6. They don’t like precum
  7. They don’t want you to cum in their mouth or on their face (because they feel dirty or slutty)
  8. They don’t like cum – the smell, taste, consistency

It is harder to deepthroat when there is hair down there. The best cock is one that is completely hair free down below.  I know when guys shave down below they love the smooth feeling.  (After I get a brazillian I can’t stop touching my smooth bare pussy) I love running my tongue all over smooth balls.  Hairy balls make it more difficult. The only downside to shaving the pubic area is that when it starts to grow back in and we do doggy, it feels like a porcupine is fucking me because of the stubble – so maybe just trimming back would be better.

I would like to point out a few things:

  1. I am not a cock slut – meaning I do NOT suck tons of dicks.  I am very picky about who I see and see few men.  A cock slut does not care whose dick she is sucking and is not picky
  2. I do not offer 15 min or 30 min sessions so please do not ask me about them.
  3. If you send me an email with the words “hey” or “can you suck my dick, it is huge” or “can you give me a bbbjdtcim for $200” your email is going in the trash can unread. I am looking for high-quality men looking for a good connection.  Not someone looking for 15 min head.  You can go to geico where for 15 mins, they will lower your insurance and the green lizard can suck on your dick.  Although I don’t think he can deepthroat you or lick your balls because he is tiny lol.

You will have to be a VIP member in order to see my TER reviews – many of them lately have been 10/10 and 9/10 ratings. I am particularly fond of the reviews by these gentlemen so please visit TER to see all the reviews in their entirety. I am not allowing anymore reviews however and if you will notice my last review was in Apr. Most all of my clients do not read reviews and honestly if you need fresh new reviews about me and you cannot see my personality thru my website and twitter feed then we are probably not a good match because there are going to be no new reviews.

If you need reviews to make sure I am not a cop. I hope all of you realize that like undercover male cops, female cops can also have reviews. So please do not let that fool you. I will be writing a more  indepth blog post about this but I am not a cop and if you google my name I have a huge google presence. No cop will have a huge google presence or a deepthroating dildo video lol. Btw if you find my phone# on google, Please do NOT text or call me. I only accept communication thru email and not thru other sources unless there is a specific reason or we have a date. I find that men who text me tend to not only have no respect for my time, but then half the time they don’t set up a date so it is a waste of my time and my time is very limited and valuable and I don’t like to have it wasted. So please respect this.






  • Dan

    December 2, 2015

    Wow! I am speechless. And this is not BS. Stephania is as real and honest as she is hot and sexy. Definitely not one on a million, one in a billion!

    • stephaniaricci

      December 3, 2015

      Thank you dan! I will succeed at the tighter balls lol

  • tony

    May 10, 2016

    Well that guy you mentioned where he only gets head on his b-day? Well a least he gets it on his b-day I am part indian and for some reason indian chicks don’t give head. Its a deal breaker for me or a ball breaker! Lol .tony

    • stephaniaricci

      May 10, 2016

      Mmmm I think indian guys are hot! Yeah for me the dealbreaker is a guy who does not like to do anal or shave his balls lol. Now I am just referring to guys I am romantically dating because those are the guys I could marry. When I get married I am not planning on getting divorced or having a guy where we are not compatible in the bedroom.

      In this business I notice many guys marry women they are not sexually compatible with and I don’t understand why you would marry that person if they don’t really fulfill all your needs? I don’t know why both men and women think things will change and get better once they get married. In many instances it gets worse. So while I am dating, I am very picky and choosy about men. I will not rush this and besides I am having fun being single right now so there is no rush. I do not want kids so there is no biological clock ticking because I smashed it lol.

      PS Sounds like head is very important to you so I would definitely stick to dating girls who love to do this. Otherwise you will be like all the other married guys I have seen who have wives that do not give head or give it rarely

  • John

    June 4, 2016

    Wow Stephania, I love to watch a beautiful woman with my cock in her mouth, licking my balls and rimming my clean asshole. You are every guy’s dream come true! Wish I was on the west coast near SF, I’d see you every opportunity possible.

    Love reading your stories and watching your videos! Hope to have the opportunity to see you one day.?

    • stephaniaricci

      June 4, 2016

      Hi John

      Thank you so much for your comment! I am glad you are enjoying yourself on my website but the best is yet to come. In a few weeks my brand new website will be launched with 2 differen doors you can go thru. The first will be for intimate girlfriend experience and the other door will be for the erotic girlfriend experience. I am very kinky and love a kinky man (although plain vanilla is fun too!)