Besides sex and bj’s, I am very passionate about health, fitness and nutrition. Being a fitness enthusiast, along the way, I myself have discovered some new and exciting things I would like to share with all of you. Two of my other passions is research, writing and then sharing what I have discovered with others.  

I discovered oxytocin (don’t get this word mixed up with Oxycontin which is a narcotic pain reliever) and it’s amazing orgasm benefits. A friend of mine (she is in her early 30’s) found that her orgasms were not as strong as they used to be and she was having a hard time orgasming. She went to a holistic medical doctor and was put on oxytocin.  Within a few days she was having mindblowing orgasms. Oxytocin (aka pitocin) is typically given to a women during childbirth to make the uterus contract more and get the labor process going – but guys don’t be afraid of taking this because it is not a womans drug.

She gave some to me and I tried it and omg wow! what a difference between taking it and not taking it!  It is like night and day.  When I take it I have very strong, long and explosive orgasms.  The contractions are so intense that I have been known to push a mans dick out of my pussy when I cum.

Update. What is interesting is now that I have fixed my thyroid issues I no longer have orgasm problems and can have explosive orgasms on my own so I no longer need to take oxytocin. Thyroid imbalances as well as even low testosterone can cause women to have low or no orgasms. So if you are having these issues you need to visit a holistic doctor who can do a work-up on your hormones and your thyroid. Please keep in mind that even in your thirties you can have hormonal imbalances. 

Approximately10 to 15 years before menopause women will start going through perimenopause and it is can start in the 30s and create a lot of hormonal imbalances in women. 

With our toxic society unfortunately women are starting to go through perimenopause earlier and earlier and I believe it is due to all of the hormones in our food as well as the phytoestrogens that are in our food sources. Keep in mind anything you put on your body, oils, Etc this all goes into your body and can negatively affect the balance of hormones and other things in your body. Even BPA found all over the planet now can definitely disrupt your hormones. This is one of the reasons why I have gone all natural as far as lotions, oils and anything I put on my body

Research has shown that for women, not only is oxytocin released during orgasm, it appears to be responsible for causing orgasms in the first place. Research indicates that oxytocin causes the nerves in the genitals to fire spontaneously, and this leads to powerful orgasms. In women, during orgasm, oxytocin levels increase significantly. During peak sexual arousal, if a woman’s brain is flooded with oxytocin, she may indeed be capable of multiple orgasms.

Oxytocin has also become the subject of studies in female sexual dysfunction specifically difficulty achieving orgasm. It increases sexual receptivity and counteracts impotence.  Oxytocin can be used to help treat Female Orgasmic Disorder, Female Arousal Disorder or for those women who just desire a more powerful or multiple orgasms. 

What I have noticed with oxycotocin is that I don’t really have multiple orgasms persay – what happens is I have 1 orgasm but it is is super intense (unless alcohol is involved and then it is weaker) and just keeps going for a long time before it peters out.  I guess you would say they are multiple orgasms, but they don’t stop and then start like the traditional multiple orgasm.  It just keeps going in waves. 

Part of the reason I am writing this article is because alot of older men seem to have an issue with trying to have that second orgasm.  They are able to achieve that first one (although sometimes they can have a hard time with that first one as well) but the second one is super difficult. There is research out there suggesting that men can also benefit from taking from taking oxytocin oxytocin http://www.livescience.com/44574-oxytocin-sex-orgasm.html

I should mention that oxytocin is NOT an over the counter substance.  It is a pharmaceutical drug and you have to go to a doctor, get a prescription and then have it fulfilled by a compounding pharmacy.  Your doctor will be dose specific based on your age, weight and height.  The compounding pharmacy can dose out that specific amount you will need and put it into capsules.  For me it runs about $70 a month and usually you take 2 cap a day.  Your doctor should be able to know where to call in the prescription so that you have access to a compounding pharmacy near you or you might be able to have it delivered by ups or fed x to you depending on how far the pharmacy is from you. If you live in the SF bay area you should have access to one close by

Edging is another thing some older men seem to have issues with and I would be totally fascinated to see if oxytocin would work in a man and help him to edge and/or achieve that 2nd orgasm.  What I have noticed is that when a man delays orgasm during deepthroating and then tries to orgasm – sometimes he cannot or it is weak.  I think what is happening is that somehow when the man gets close to orgasming and then stops himself, somehow the brain is sensing that the man had an orgasm and so he is not able to cum or cum hard when he wants to. 

Now granted if a man is experiencing a very intense type of head then the brain and cock can go into sensory overload and certain neuropathways may get crossed or confused.  I don’t know but this really fascinates me and I will be doing some research on this and post it here when I find things out.

I don’t want to pick on older men because some young guys can have the same issues.  Believe it or not, men starting at age 30 start to drop testosterone levels and each decade it does get worse.  Combining testosterone with oxytocin could really help a lot of men with erection and/or orgasm issues. 

I know some people find it is easier to get and keep muscle (women as well) when they go on testosterone and/or or hgh stimulators like Sermorelin http://www.sumnerdietrx.com/wellness-rx/anti-aging/  esp body fat http://www.defymedical.com/resources/health-articles/156-using-sermorelin-for-growth-hormone-restoration-therapy as opposed to not being on it and letting the levels decline naturally with age. They have also reported a much higher sex drive, bigger muscles, more strength and endurance at the gym, wrinkle reduction, better sleep and tons of other benefits. Hgh production start to decrease at age 30 and continually decliness every decade. Sermorelin stimulates the pituitary gland to release more Hgh in the body and is better and safer than Hgh injections.  It also has to be injected like Hgh.  I know people on it and they are super happy with it. 

I may also write a blog about women’s orgasm because we are definitely more complex than men in that dept which I am sure many of you men know about – well women in general are complex lol  

I am hoping this information will help guys out there who may benefit from taking this.  I told one guy about it and he seemed very interested in taking it. I asked him to let me know if it works for him if he takes it but he never got back to me.  

I have a very curious mind and love to research things and discover new things.  There is a lot more to me than just sex and bj’s.  Besides being creative I have a very intellectual and analytical brain. 

Right now I am into html coding and algorithms due to a couple of issues in my life that forced me to learn about this.  I can be quite the nerd as well. I am very techy and am very fascinated with computers and how things work.   When I was a kid I used to take apart everyones toys because I had to discover what made them work.  I pissed off a lot of people and broke a lot of toys. Let’s just say I was very naughty at christmas 😉 I am still a very naughty girl! lol 

I was out on a date with a man last night and during our conversation about sex he told me about a substance that his girlfriend takes (she is young and has libido issues at times).  It it called Scream Cream.  Now again, this is a pharmaceutical drug and here is a link that describes what is in it.  https://empower.pharmacy/libido-enhancement.html  I’m putting this here in the event that any of you reading this knows of a woman in need of some help in this dept because loss of sex drive or low sex drive in woman seems to be a big thing.  Of course you will have to explain to her how you found this information.  Just say you googled it lol  

It is amazing how many guys still want sex no matter what their age.  I mean I have had guys as old as 75 yrs old contact me.  But you would never find a 75 yr old escort still interested in men and sex lol.  The need for sex is not the same for women as it is for men, esp after they have kids.  I have a lot of married girlfriends in their 30’s who just do not want to have sex with their husbands anymore other than maybe 1-2 times a month.  They just don’t have a strong sex drive anymore.  Whereas the man wants way more sex. Sex drive issues and/or orgasm issues can affect women at any age.  Womens sex drive can also shift and change every month due to the hormonal fluctuations womens bodies go thru each month. Luckily I don’t have sex drive issues but it is nice to know that there are products on the market for women

These links talk more indepth about oxytocin, what is in scream cream and it’s role in orgasms http://www.sumnerdietrx.com/wellness-rx/scream-cream-for-low-libido/  https://empower.pharmacy/oxytocin.html  The guy on that date said that he is going to try oxytocin and let me know if it makes a difference in him.  

Update: My pharmacist recently told me that sub lingual oxytocin is better than the capsules because when you take the capsules your stomach acid can interfere with absorption.  

I have also been doing daily hypnosis and I discovered these hypnosis downloads for erection issues, sex drive issues etc that I am going to try – well not the erection one lol.  I just feel like my sexuality is still not completely unlocked and I want to unlock it more. I still seem to have a hard time getting off on oral.  I mean it feels good but there is not enough stimulation and I want to change that.  So I am going to try hypnosis and see if it does anything.  I mean if I can orgasm in my dreams and not even have to touch myself, then that is proof that orgasming is in the mind and not the body. 


If you want to view her entire catalog (lol I have ordered tons of these and do them everyday) here it is. http://www.hyptalk.com/hypnosis-downloads    I am really loving the wide variety of subjects she covers.  What I like is being able to take an hour per day and just lay down and rest while listening to these downloads. (fyi for some of you that travel – this would be perfect to listen to on the plane). I feel very refreshed and energetic afterwards. 

I mean why take an unproductive nap when you can multi-task and rest and listen to one of these at the same time? As a matter of fact, it is a good idea when doing hypnosis to fall asleep because then your subconscious can absorb the programming more quickly than if you are awake.

If any of you try one of these hypnosis mp3’s please be sure to leave a comment below and let me know if it worked for you!




  • John

    December 18, 2015

    I’ve heard about oxytocin and am now down to try it based on your post. Do you or your friend recommend a certain brand of pill or spray?

    • stephaniaricci

      December 18, 2015

      There isn’t a specific brand because it is a pharmaceutical drug and you have to go to your doctor for a prescription and then go to a compounding pharmacy to have it filled