It’s just you and I 
It’s just you and I spending the entire weekend together enjoying various wines, decadent dinners and luxurious spoils of the Napa Valley. After we both enjoy a blissful, rejuvenating day out in the beautiful countryside, we return to the comfort of our private room and pop open a bottle of bubbly.  We toast and enjoy a passionate deep french kiss.
You watch as I slowly give you a sexy strip tease before we settle into our own luxurious whirlpool bath – candles surround the bath and it is quiet, peaceful and relaxing.  We are both so relaxed and having such a fun time together.  We explore each others bodies in the bath passionately and sensuously.  You can feel how wet I am getting and your cock is ready to burst.  I play with your hardness with my hand.  I love stroking a hard cock and feeling it get even harder the more I stroke it.
We get ourselves so worked up and move the fun to the bedroom. You lie back on the bed and prepare to receive a mind blowing bj from me.  I start with your balls – licking and sucking them gently.  You have never had this kind of attention on your boys and you relax even more. I slowly start running my tongue up and down your rock hard shaft. I love taking my time.  I circle the head and lick it softly and sensuously – being sure to lick off the precum.

I hear you moan and groan under the pleasure I am giving you.  You feel like a king with the attention I lavish on your cock. I slowly start to swallow your cock down my throat.  You can feel it sliding down past my gag reflex and it feels so amazing.


I eagerly lick your balls as your cock is down my throat.  I rest my lips on your stomach and run my tongue up and down your shaft.   Copious amounts of saliva accumulate as I start mouth fucking your cock.

You grab my head and start shoving your cock deeper and harder into my mouth over and over. You stop for a moment and I allow the copious amount of saliva that has formed to drip down all over your shaft.  I start stroking your slippery cock in a twisty motion as I suck and lick the head simultaneously.  I move my mouth up and down your shaft slowly and sensually for awhile and I lick up and down and stroke up and down.  


I reach down and give your balls some attention too.

I pick up the pace with my mouth and hand and stroke harder and faster as you pump your hard engorged cock into my mouth and down my throat for the most amazing mouth fucking/deepthroating ever.  You explode in one big load and I feel you unleash this huge amount of hot white cum all in my mouth and all over my face. 

Now you tell me it is my turn because you noticed my nice pussy when I bent over to pick up a towel I dropped in the bathroom and you have been dying to taste it.  You notice how tight and pretty my pussy is and when you stick one finger in  you are surprised at just how tight it really is.  Wow I am getting even wetter as you lick and suck my clit and stimulate my g-spot.  You bring me to an amazing orgasm!

We take a break for awhile and order some room service.  It is so much fun feeding each other, laughing, talking and just have such a great time together. 
We are both ready for round 2 and I get your cock ready again for some action.  You are hard in record time and I am super wet and ready to go.  We start off with girl on top and you love playing with my beautiful natural boobs and grabbing my rock hard body as I pump up and down on your nice hard member.  We switch to doggy and you love watching your hard cock slip into nice tight wet pussy.  Oh it feels soooo good! You start out slowly and then pick up the pace.  You can feel me have a thundering orgasm and you are not far behind.  Cumming super hard!

The fun continues over the weekend getting couples massages, spoiled, pampered and destressed until we leave completely satiated and relaxed in mind, body and spirit.

Book me today and let’s create a brand new fantasy experience either in Napa valley or another amazing destination you can replay in your mind over and over again! Please see my Intimate Rates on weekend getaways in the rate section 

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