I would love to dress up in a sexy nurse outfit and give your cock some mouth to mouth resuscitation. You could be my sexy patient.  I come in to give you a sponge bath and as I am bending over to pick something up – you notice I am not wearing any panties and you can see my nice tight pussy. You start imagining what it would be like to slide your rock hard shaft into that tight wet slit of mine and you get hard instantly.

I turn around and I am totally aroused by the site of your hard member just beckoning my mouth.  I can feel my mouth starting to salivate at the thought of sucking and licking all that hardness.  I run my finger teasingly up and down your shaft as I tell you that I love you are so hard right now.  I start slowly licking and sucking your smooth balls and I feel your cock harden even more in my hand.  I just love gliding my tongue all over your balls.  I kiss and lick your inner thighs sensually and my warm hot breath on your thighs causes you to relax even more deeply.
I get on top of you and slowly start kissing you.  I trace my tongue over your lips and french you deeply.  I can feel your heart beating faster as I run my tongue along your jawline and up towards your ear.  I whisper in your ear “I am going to slowly suck your cock lovingly and sensually like that woman in the video.  I know you have imagined my mouth and tongue on your hard cock when you were watching that video and now you are going to experience the real thing” 😉
I slide off of you and start slowly running my tongue up and down your hard cock.  I make sure to lick off the precum that is so abundant.  I love the way you taste and I am anticipating that big load of yours in my mouth and on my face.  I continue to run my tongue up and down your shaft. I reach down and start playing with my clit and it is so fucking wet right now.
Just the thought of you bending me over and having your way with me is making me so horny!  I surround your cock with my mouth and slowly slide it down my throat.  I feel it swell even more as it slides down my throat and I start to gag a little.  I eagerly lick your balls as your cock is down my throat.  I rest my lips on your stomach and run my tongue up and down your shaft. You cock is so thick and big – my mouth can hardly contain it and copious amounts of saliva accumulate as I start mouth fucking your cock.
You grab my head and start shoving your cock deeper and harder into my mouth over and over – making me gag. You stop for a moment and I allow the copious amount of saliva that has formed to drip down all over your shaft.  I start stroking your slippery cock in a twisty motion as I suck and lick the head simultaneously.  I move my mouth up and down your shaft slowly and sensually for awhile and I lick up and down and stroke up and down.  I reach down and give your balls some attention too.
I pick up the pace with my mouth and hand and stroke harder and faster as you pump your hard engorged cock into my mouth and down my throat for the most amazing mouth fucking/deepthroating ever.  You explode in one big load and I feel you unleash this huge amount of hot white cum all in my mouth and all over my face.   I swallow it quickly because there is so much of it and I do not want to waste any of it.  You lay there completely relaxed and thoroughly spent as I cover you with a blanket and tell you to rest.  I will be in later for that sponge bath I still did not give you 😉


  • Dan

    November 13, 2015

    Great fucking story and super hot!

  • bobby

    March 3, 2016

    new story please! these are hot! how about a naughty secretary that likes to take matters into her own hands (wink wink)?

    • stephaniaricci

      March 3, 2016

      I am glad you like them! I will take that into consideration when I write my next story! 😉