Since I love to write erotica, I would like to share a titilating story with you


This is only a fantasy story. I am so looking forward to our fun dinner date!

For the next several days I think about you and what I am going to wear and what we are going to do and it is making me so fucking horny!

The day of our date I go get a mani/pedi and a brazillian.  I want to look amazing for you! I hop into the shower and soap up my sexy naked body. I am thinking of you running your tongue all over my tight body as I soap up – when I reach down my pussy is so wet thinking of this and our fun time together later tonight! I would love to have you in the shower with me helping me to soap up and esp since I can’t reach my back ?

I get out of the shower and rub the most luxurious scented lotion from victorias secret all over my body.  I rub it in slowly. I like to take my time getting ready for you. It smells so good!  


I put on some sexy black panties…..or do I? 


You will have to find out at dinner ;-). I slip on a sexy little black dress that is super tight and shows off my tight petite body, slip on red 5″ stilettos and put on the finishing touches. I want to look really sexy for you tonight.

A long stretch black limo arrives to pick me up for our date! It is so luxurious and as I sip on brut cristal champagne in the limo, I reflect on our evening ahead and what I am going to do to you and your cock – it will be all mine for the evening!  I am so relaxed and horny.  I reach down and start playing with my pussy.  I can feel it getting so wet as I imagine what you are going to do to me and what I am going to do to you at dinner and later on.


I arrive at your 5 star hotel and you meet me and open the door and get in. Wow! you are so handsome and I get instantly aroused at the sight of you! I can hardly wait for us to go back to the hotel room later! I am so fucking horny right now!

We are whisked off to our fabulous dinner overlooking the beautiful San Francisco bay area. We exchange a very sensual erotic dfk in the limo and do some light making out. I run my hand teasingly up your pant leg and I can feel 

Your cock is super hard. I am dying to take it out right now and deepthroat it and lick your balls at the same time 


But….. I am going to make you wait awhile. I want to build up the intensity so I can make you cum harder than you have ever cum in your entire life. I love edging guys. Have you ever had this done to you? It produces the most amazing hard orgasm ever! 


Well I have been told that my deepthroating and licking balls at the same time gives the most amazing hard orgasm to a man and wouldn’t you want to find out;-)


Mmmm I am getting seriously turned on writing this right now. My pussy is dripping wet as the thought of our exciting fun filled evening devours me!


While we are enjoying our mouthwatering dinner and flirtatious conversation, I take off my red 5″ stiletto and run it teasingly up your leg. I tell you how turned on I am and how much I want your hard cock inside me out of there quickly!

Just the thought of you bending me over and sliding your rock hard shaft into my tight wet slit is making me very horny


You reach down and find out that I am not wearing any panties. I am so naughty! 


My pussy is super wet and you start playing with it.  I then slide 2 fingers inside and pull it out and I stick those wet fingers into your mouth and you suck hungrily on them. You love how I taste and you immediately ask the waiter for the check. We rush out of there quickly!


We go back to your hotel room for some hot and steamy fun!



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  • Dan

    November 25, 2015

    Great sexy story