Las vegas

Vegas is always a great getaway. They don’t call it Sin City for nothing, and I’ll make sure you have the most fulfilled weekend of your life! Besides great dining, shows and pampering you. Here is a little story of some fantasy things we can experience:

You decide to have a Maybach pick me up at the McCarran-Las Vegas airport to take me back to your Skyloft at the MGM Grand where you are staying back to get some final work done before our weekend excursion starts.
As the chauffeur leads me to the Maybach, he opens the rear door. I’m shocked with delight that you decide to meet me at the airport! I love it when you surprise me! You are so sweet!
As we take the Maybach back to your hotel, I ask the chauffeur to raise the privacy glass. Since you surprised me, I want to return the favor 😉
We embrace in a slow deep french kiss . I reach down and can your feel cock is already hard.  Mmmm I love a nice hard cock to deepthroat!  I am getting wet just thinking about you bending me over and sliding that rock hard cock inside my nice tight wet pussy. But first I want to pleasure your cock.  I unbutton your shirt and sensuously lick and suck your nipples and then work my way down your stomach.  You are incredibly hard as I stroke your shaft.  I whisper in your ear “You remember one of my specialties? What I can do to you with my mouth and my throat?”

Maybe we’ll save it for later? Or would you like to sample this gift before we get to the MGM? After all we’ll be there soon.”

You can decide, my wish is your command…In fact the whole weekend is about making your wishes come true because I am a very naughty girl 😉


After some alone time, we decide to go down and play some craps. I’m always lucky when I’m on the floor (pun intended) so we go down together for some gambling fun.

I always like the hardways, especially when we hit 10. So you place a $100 bet on the largest hardways you can, the 10 hard (oooohhhh… makes me wet thinking about it).

Of course, you know more about craps than I do, so you could teach me how to play. But remember, I’m lucky! Sometimes it best just to trust your gut – like you did on me 😉

After a few rolls you roll 5 & 5, payout the 10 hard! Then after a short period, you hit it hard again! Hitting it hard is making me wet. And I forgot to wear my panties (oops), so my wetness is starting to dribble down my leg.

I tell you how wet you are making me and every once in awhile, you finger me under my tight sexy black dress. Feels so good, and just making me even more wet.

On the floor, the cameras see everything. So the pit boss comes over to us and ask if we need a room lol. You tell him that we already have a Skyloft at the MGM Grand, so the pit boss decided to comp your loft if you can take care of the lady.

We immediately go back up to your room to… this story is to be cont’d when you book me.

Let’s continue this story with an amazing ending! Book me now and let’s set this up!
stephaniaricci88@gmail.com.  Please see my rates on weekend getaways in the Intimate Rates section of this site

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