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Well, hello there soon-to-be-lover! The best intimacy is when two people genuinely enjoy each other’s company talking, laughing and living in the moment. When that closeness is shared between a dynamic courtesan and a cultivated gentleman, the combination equals intense passion.

As a 30-something, petite woman at 5’2” and 112 pounds, physical fitness is not only a sport but a profession. I am a personal trainer and it shows in my incredibly lean, toned figure, rock-hard derriere and long, thick tresses. Diet, exercise and a clean, healthy lifestyle keep me youthful, balanced and full of energy. And guess what? It's contagious!

What you love about me is that I really am the complete package. Every time we meet, you are awestruck by my beauty, vitality and elegant appearance. You are impressed by my sharp intellect, charming sense of humor and womanly wisdom. We so enjoy extended evenings dining at our favorite restaurants, allowing the ecstasy to build over candlelight (yes, we turn heads because our magnetism is just that noticeable). Soon, the attraction becomes urgent and we steal back to my place practically tearing each other’s clothes off barely inside the boudoir.

Though everything about me arouses you, we haven’t even begun to explore what sensuality is all about. As a deeply sexual woman, I harbor no inhibitions. You are certainly not the faint hearted type, which is why you appreciate my carnal aptitude so much. It amazes you every time how real my attraction is for you and as a result, how manly I make you feel. When we both reach ecstasy together, you’re on top of the world. Go ahead. Let your imagination run wild!

It’s almost too good to be true. With us, it is like having the perfect relationship but without the ties that bind and certainly without drama. I have that je ne sais quoi, a powerful charisma that until now, you only fantasized about. But there is another side of me that if the chemistry is right, you might think about exploring. Want to know more? I invite you to visit my Intensely Erotic side. Or, maybe you'd like to get your toes wet by perusing my blog. It is chock full of juicy erotica and intriguing commentary. You're sure to get a laugh or two.

See you there…


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