There are a total of 3 videos on my website right now and 2 of them are brand new.  I thought I was done for awhile with filming videos, but then inspiration hit when I saw the videos below (esp the hot sexy secretary one). I love dancing and so I love the sensuality and free flowing movement of these ladies videos and now I want to do my own hot sexy secretary video!


If you are wondering when it will come out.  I would say within the next 1-2 months (between now and nov 2016).  I want to get it done sooner rather than later. Since I have to film this in a hotel room, I am also going to take a few new pics of me in a sexy nurse outfit, schoolgirl outfit, etc. I do love to role play and I would like to include some new pics in that genre


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I do promise however that I value your privacy and your email will never be sold to a 3rd party. I also promise not to inundate you with loads of emails.  I know I don’t like that myself when I sign up for someones emails list or I order a free ebook.  I mean I ordered some sex toys from Adam and Eve and then everyday they kept sending me special deals for more toys. I mean just how many sex toys do they think I need? LOL.  I would love to play with some of you with my many sex toys or have you use them on me.  I also love having a guy watch me get off – that is so erotic!


Enjoy watching these 2 videos and then imagine me in it dancing around in my sexy lingerie! I would love to make out with that hot sexy secretary girl and the other girl – we could have a 3 some!


I will also be wearing the glasses she has on in the video as well and I want to do a sexy shower scene similar to the girl in the 2nd video. The 3rd video I will be doing is similar to the last video on this page, except I want to drip oil onto my breasts and/or ice cubes and play with my boobs. Btw in case you are wondering, my boobs are real. Everything about me and on me is real. I don’t even do the fake eyelashes. However, in any photo shoot or video I do get a fake spray on tan since my body is very white and it would look washed out in pics and videos.


Fyi: I get lots of emails from guys wanting more erotica stories.  I am in the process of writing a new one that has to do with a naughty secretary and her boss.  When I post it I will send out an email to everyone on my email list that it is on my website.