I was very excited because I was recently contacted by Viacom television. They told me they would be doing an upcoming national TV show about escorts and get them to tell their story as to why they do what they do, how they got into the business, etc.  I just got off the phone from speaking with one of the producers of the show and I turned down their offer. After the email a couple days ago, I did alot of thinking about the situation and even this morning when I woke up prior to my call to Amanda I had a lot of misgivings about being on such a high exposure show because I had a feeling that they would not be willing to blur out my face and I was right.

I am not embarrassed or ashamed about being an escort. The problem is that there is the possibility of A LOT of negative fallout that could happen as a result of national TV exposure. Also, let’s not forget that many times they rerun these shows down the road. Let’s say hypothetically speaking I am dating someone and I am no longer an escort and all of a sudden they rerun this show and my guy finds it and now knows of my past. Let’s say that he has an issue with this and we wind up breaking up over this. I mean this could be devastating. 

Here are some of the other issues I was concerned about.  

I explained to Amanda that almost 100% of my clients are married and definitely want complete anonymity and so I could lose loads of business over this. If my client knows I have been on a national TV show do you honestly think they will want to take me out to dinner and possibly be exposed themselves as being on a date with an escort? This is why alot of women even blur their faces out on their website. So there is the possibility of declining business as a result of being on this show.

What I say could be taken out of context. Meaning that the press has a tendency to edit things and when they edit things they can inadvertently make a person sound stupid, ignorant, etc and unfortunately once you sign that waiver, you essentially sign over the rights and they can then do whatever they want to your words and story. I don’t like that to be honest. Media stories can follow you around forever and sometimes shows are rerun down the road and I am not planning on being an escort for the next 5 yrs even. I want to do other things with my life that have nothing to do with escorting and I don’t want some tv show to come back to haunt me down the road when I am doing something new or even dating someone new. I like to maintain a quiet, private life. I don’t mind being in the spotlight talking about fitness, sex, deepthroating but I don’t want to talk about escorting. There is still a stigma attached to it and quite frankly I am at a point in my life where I just don’t want the drama and the negativity that exposing myself could bring.

Even lately on twitter there has been a lot of drama from other providers towards me for some reason to the point where my account is now private because I want to control who is following me. I would rather just have men follow me because that is who I want to talk to. I am not talking about escort stuff anymore on twitter because I am bored with chatting about it. I am just tired of the drama. I think a lot of providers are insecure and jealous and I think there is a lot of competitiveness amongst women. Many say they don’t believe there is but I have observed it first hand. I have had ladies on twitter even try to tell me how to run my business! It is my business and I will do whatever I want in my business and if other ladies don’t like it, I personally do not give a shit. I am not here to please other providers and get their approval! They are not my clientele and they never will be. When you start bowing down to what others feel you should do then you lose your creativity and your voice. I will always march to the beat of my own drummer and that is what makes me real and unique! I will also always stand up for myself and fight back when needed. But honestly, I really do like to avoid drama and confrontation if I can lol.

On a side note: if you have been following me on twitter and wondering why I am not tweeting anymore, it is because it is a waste of my time and I have other more important things to do that utilize my time more productively. Twitter is like watching tv and then at the end of the day you have accomplished nothing. I never booked any clients from there and anyone who has seen me in the past 6 months did not come to me because of twitter so that kind of sealed my fate. It is my ads and my website that sell me and not twiter. I doubt very much that I will ever tweet again because I just don’t feel like it and I go with what feels fun. I also was not even productive at the gym because I was spending all of my time on twitter. So from now on if you want to hear from me then you will have to view my blogs and my brand new videos I will be recording in the next 1-2 months.

What if my co-workers, landlord, guys I am dating, family, etc see this tv show? There could be severe fallout and arguments about what I do for a living and quite frankly I can’t handle it right now. Because I am an empath (meaning I can sense energy) I don’t handle stress and negativity very well and get upset stomachs. I am working on manifesting new things into my life and need to keep my vibration and energy super high. Negativity would bring down my vibration and make manifesting a lot harder.

In light of all of this I chose not to be apart of this show. I really would have loved to do it. After I wrote my book years ago, I did go on tv to promote it and it was a lot of fun, but this is different. Amanda told me that the main producer of this show will not blur out the face and I told her I don’t think this producer understands the liability being placed on a lady with such exposure. It would not be good for her business.  She told me a lot of ladies are turning this down and I have a feeling that the ones who will go for it, will back out at the last minute. Some might not, but again there is a lot of fallout that could happen for both the escort and her clients with such high exposure and to me it is not worth it.

I don’t know, part of me wants to do it because I do love being in the limelight, but I don’t know what the fall out could be. It is like these people who win millions in the lottery and then everyone wants their money and they are recognized everywhere they go. Not good because they can never lead a quiet private life any longer.

This industry is ripe for freedom and change! I told Amanda that I don’t know what it is about this country and why there is this constant need to keep trying to suppress sexuality. Even in the south they have banned sex toys! I mean are you kidding me? This is ridiculous. There are even some states that have banned anal! LOL so how do you enforce that law?? The anal police?

Then you have the republicans who are trying to suppress porn! http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/porn-bad-guns-good_us_5783eeeae4b0c590f7ea7a31   This is ridiculous! Porn is NOT the issue in this country. It is a lack of sexual freedom and expression that is at the root of this issue.  Anyway I could go on and on.

I have tweeted about this and escorts are needed in this country and are not hurting anyone. This entire industry needs to be decriminalized and made whole. Most cops that arrest an escort are not achieving anything because most ladies are right back doing the same thing the next day. So what have the cops accomplished? Nothing except to waste taxpayer money that could be spent on better more pressing needs. Most women go back to what they were doing because they don’t have another way to make money. Many are supporting children, going to school, starting new businesses. They are a viable part of society and are not harming anyone. This is truly a victim less crime and no one is getting hurt. Yes I will agree that underage prostitution and sex trafficking need to be addressed, but other than that the other parts needs to be left alone since no harm is being done. Prostitution has been around since the days of Jesus and so clearly it is NOT going away ever.