If you follow me on Twitter, I have talked about launching an Only Fans site and I launched it in Dec. Here is the direct link:  I changed my name to alexia for my video career

I now have 309 photos, 57 videos (sex, DT masturbation, shower) and 1 dirty audio. I also have 2.4 K likes!

Today 1/28/19 I uploaded a new video where I oil up my 32d natural boobs and play with them. I love filming these videos!

I upload new content daily (and many time twice a day) on only fans including many ball licking while deepthroating (this is very hard for most women to do since I can breathe thru my mouth and don’t need to come up for air so I can stay down there deepthroating for a loooooong time.) In my recent deepthroat video one of my fans timed that I stayed down for 1 min while deepthroating this guy with a 6″ thick dick! The thickest I have done is 6 1/2″ in girth. Btw lol keep in mind that I do swallow thick men for videos because obviously men really enjoy watching that and also I enjoy the challenge but realistically most women are not really concerned about the size of a man’s dick. But in my videos I do swallow different sizes just because I don’t want any man to feel like he has to have a super big dick because to be honest with you I have dated men with really big dicks and quite frankly a lot of them turn out to be big dicks or they’re not very good in bed. Some of my best lovers have actually been slightly overweight.

That brings me to one more point. Please do not hesitate to come to see me if you do not have a six-pack lol. I am not looking to go on a date with a man that is a ripped and shredded because that is hard to do for most people. I enjoy the company as well as the companionship of men on these dates as well as the exciting conversations that we have. I am very similar to the girl next door but with a porn twist and this is why I am doing my videos now because I really enjoy being in front of the camera.

My passions include fitness and nutrition as well as deepthroating and sex. For now I’m trying to find a way to combine both of these either into one career or do two separate careers and no I don’t want to do personal training sessions or one-on-one nutritional profiles because that’s really not for me.

Anyway I got off track like usual haha.

This paid subscription site allows me to upload selfies, videos (like my deepthroat/ball lick videos and other videos) and other sexy content to keep fans entertained and be paid a monthly subscription fee by grateful gentlemen.  It is a great way for me to be paid for this content you will be enjoying and it helps me out financially in an industry that is extremely volatile and unpredictable lately. It is a win win for everyone. It also allows me to do work I really find fulfilling and satisfying and get paid for it.

Please also follow me on Twitter where I will post sneak previews of different videos I will be posting on my Only Fans site. My handle on Twitter is @alexiajewel88  but please keep in mind that on the site I am not an escort because I will be retiring soon and I am only an adult entertainer and personal trainer.

If you book a 2 hr or longer date, I do give you a free pass to my only fans site as a gift

Here is some of what you can expect to see in the upcoming weeks and months ahead.

1. Selfies

I would love to do a lot of pro photo shoots. However, the reality of the situation with this industry collapsing, I just do not think it is a good idea to get any more professional pictures to put on my website. All new photos and videos are going to be on onlyfans because that is a safe site for me to be on and it will never be shut down since this bill is not targeting people in porn. I love the spontaneity of doing selfies vs photo shoots. They are more realistic anyway. Ever notice how no girl ever has ANY pores showing or sun damage skin in pro photos? Lol well gents that is pro pics for you and the smoothing process that makes ALL ladies skin look flawless. In selfies and videos the truth comes out.

2. Deep-throat/ball licking/ball swallowing videos

Ok so this has never been done before (at least I don’t think it has) I am going to deepthroat, ball lick and stimulate the prostate of a guy all at the SAME TIME and get him to explode all over my face! He is going to cum buckets! This should be very exciting! I will be filming this soon and if you are on my email list I am not sure how much longer I will be keeping it so not sure if you will know when it come out. If you follow me on Twitter I will announce it.

I have a unique skill and talent that a lot of women do not have. I can breathe thru my mouth while deepthroating and ball licking at the same time which means I can stay down there for a looooong time licking the balls at the same time. I have loads of fun shooting a DT / ball licking/ ball swallowing videos. I did one awhile back (that is on my fans site now). He couldn’t really handle the ball swallowing because it was a little bit too much and most men’s balls are pretty sensitive. I do love to shove balls in my mouth when I can and if it doesn’t hurt the guy). We also did a facial at the end and then I had him take a bunch of pictures where his cum was all over my face! Super hot! I also did a lot of pictures where I was deep-throating and licking his balls. These are all on Only Fans right now so I’m very excited!!

Anyway super excited to be launching these videos because I really do enjoy giving head and it is a lot of fun! Expect a lot more cum play scenes, deepthroat with head over bed, jackhammer, Etc. Fyi please do not expect ALL of the head videos to be porn like. There are lots of guys who really enjoy viewing slow, sensual head/deepthroat scenes and then others love mouthfucking/jackhammer porn like scenes without all the sensualness. I am a combination of camille crimson and annette schwartz all rolled into one person and so I will be including both types of videos. I have talked about both of these deepthroat ladies on my site and you can google them on you porn. I believe annette schwartz has retired.

3) Masturbation videos

I recently posted a masturbation video on only fans. I love to play with myself so obviously it just makes sense to film it. I love playing with dildos, toys and fucking myself. Like for instance the other morning I woke up very horny and I thought wow I really should be making a video right now and so I will be doing that soon.

5) Shower and bathtub scenes

I just recently recorded a shower scene where I am scrubbing my rock hard tanned body down with this delectable sugar scrub with argan oil and talk dirty to you.

6) Dirty recordings

A lot of men really love the sound of my voice so I will be recording some new dirty recordings. I have a new one on only fans I uploaded awhile back

This is all new to me it is going to be something that overtime will be developed into bigger and better things. Such as custom videos, possibly a Snapchat, as well as other types of videos and content I have not yet figured out or designed yet. I am definitely open to suggestions of content that you gentlemen would like to see so feel free to email me on only fans any ideas or things you would like to see.  Keep in mind things with blood, animals, feces, ass to mouth, rimming, I am not open to since I have had e coli infections from some guy rimming me and then eating my pussy so sorry lol I don’t want anymore infections

The monthly fee for my Only Fans site is $12.95.

Please keep in mind that it takes a lot of time to make videos, between coming up with content, shooting, getting wardrobe together, makeup, hair, editing, etc. It is not as simple such as pointing the video camera and hitting record.  It is a lot of work. Also, if I decide to see my deepthroat clips they will sell for $25.00 each and you have access to all the videos on only fans for $12.95! I have had several fans tell me my fee is too low. I have already been told that you really cannot find deepthroating ball licking videos on YouPorn that easily and since I can breathe through my mouth I do have a skill and a talent that a lot of women will never possess. I’m not bragging. I’m just stating a fact

Fyi: A lot of you don’t know this but, Only Fans takes a 20% cut from for each subscriber who signs up and then I am paid the remaining 80%. And then I also have to pay taxes on it so I get about $8 from each fan

I love being on camera and the camera seems to love me!  Fyi: my location is in pleasanton calif if you would like to come to see me. I also can come to you for dinner dates, events, Etc and I travel to any Bay area city. Please see my rates page on this site and fill out the contact form with your verification info. Please note that same day appts are very hard for me since I see only 2-3 clients per week and so I really do appreciate pre-booking if possible.

Thank you for you time in reading this and I hope you enjoy Only Fans!